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@AnaHlarski and I Visited the Crystal Palace in Madrid During a Layover.

We Have arrived in Berlin and are excited to get this trip started.

Don't miss your chance to hang out with us tomorrow at the Bitcoin meetup in Berlin. We will discuss Crypto, Steemit, Personal Branding and the power of community.


Hope the Bitcoin Meetup goes good. Weather looks really nice! And I would guess the architecture and plants around are awesome but it's too blurred to behold. More pictures please!!

Take a Beer !

Wonderful picture of yours hilarski,have a nice day

You Both looking so beautiful :) mr and mr.s Hilarski <3

Bitcoin level is top. good day.

Daz good. How was the trip? it was Smooth i can see. Have a nice time at the meetup.

Thanks for your this post. great meeting of bitcoin.
Have a nice day.

this post is so amazing, I'm so inspired to keep working hard on steem.

congrats !! nice photos.

For your post propagation.

Man thats so great, Have nice trip in Europe :)

I wish you wonderful meetup here in Berlin. Also Congratulations.
We`ll wait about these discussion.

Awesome love the energy of your posts. Seems like you are an expert at personal branding 😁

That is been my main objective for so many years. It is finally paying off.

You two are looking good. Have a great trip!

Nice one! Have fun in Berlin!

Don't miss out to visit Checkpoint Charlie!

Mr & Mrs. @hilarski,welcome to Europe , you shared you excitement during visiting crystal palace in Madrid, also about your Bitcoin meeting in Berlin where you discussed related matters,.you both looks so nice in picture,.. Thanks for update,...

Wow it seems like a travel to spread Crypto news! Hope to see your great article about Tomorrow BTC meetup in Berlin!


Congratulations @hilarski!!!
your all the best bitcoin event.
100% like and resteem

Wow...nice and 100% matching couple my dear friend @hilarski
Congratulation my friend...

How i wished I was there and attend this meetup mate! I'm sure it gonna be a great time spent!

Outstanding post and narrative. Thank you for sharing!

I wish you the greatest of successes and many blessings and I hope you enjoy your trip quite a lot: D @hilarski @anahilarski

@hilarski - Sir, first I want to tell you, it's a beautiful photography of smart couple :) Then I hope you'll have a wonderful time at Europe & it might also help STEEM to make more members too.... Good luck Sir....

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Hi @hilarski, I hope you enjoy your time there. Thanks for sharing the link. By the way, here is one of my favorite travel quotes that I want to share with the world through this comments section:

Keep sharing, caring, educating and spreading the love. You got my unconditional support.

Steem On!

Congratulations @hilarski. Have a nice meetup in Berlin.
Safe journey..

My parents are actually in Germany as of right now for their holiday :P Not sure which location though, doubt you'll meet them xD

@hilarski both of you Looking smart. I Love Berlin no doubt about this is a wonderful place for visiting. Best wishes for your great Journey.

it nice to see you hang out and bitcoin meet up at berlin point, several topics over community will be discuss, great.

wow have a great time :D

You guys are really awesome, keep on spreading the good vibes about cryptos and bitcoins.

Enjoy your stay there! o/

Wow Excellent Photo , thanks for sharing
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Good luck! Keep us posted about Steem Fest.

I want to go there in any moment and have fun ;)

Berlin? Be safe guys.

You both are looking good....i pray to god to happiness to both of u..and thia ppat is amazing☺☺☺

Congratulations on your trip. add photos of the best places

Congratulations @hilarski!!!

Congratulations @hilarski
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Exceptional visit to Europe with a great purpose. Wish you good luck...!!!

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Great that you two are there. I'm sorry I won't be able to make it.

realy nice post

Wonderful picture @hilarski./
have a nice day.////

Nice photography!!
its cool!!

What are both of your impressions of how Spanish in Madrid differs from Panamanian version of the language?

There's the difference in the "c" when speaking words like "gracias" and "Barcelona" but that's the only one I know about.

It is quite different but we are used to it because so many Spanish live in Panama. I was impressed with the customer service and the courtesy.

must be nice :)

Happy travelling, i hope your enjoy....

Have a nice trip @hilarski ! Will you visit some other places out of germany?

Just Berlin and then on to Prague on Saturday. Busy trip this time.

best of luck :D have great times :)

Thanks for your this post. great meeting of bitcoin.

Its a good step taken to promote bitcoin. Bitcoin meetup can assume that you are having some fun...

Welcome! Enjoy your visit!

great post like it and upvoted!!!

Nice to see you guys are in Europe at the moment. How was the bitcoin meetup? If you visit Ireland let me know :) Will you also be attending Steemfest?
Anyway, enjoy your time in Europe and safe travels.

Very good post CONGRATULATIONS friend i support for your every thing post,good luck

Oh cool!
Let me know if you are heading south to Switzerland ;-)
Steemitri The Mannequin is waiting for you ;-)