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Here are the Significant Events for Bitcoin in 2017.


Thank you to Visual Capitalist for putting this graphic together.


Nice breakdown. 2017 is the year of BTC! I'm excited for 2018...

You made me cry just see the price in january but i have to buy now because in 2018 BTC will explode in price :). Regards

I don't think we will 10X again in the next 12 months but heh, what do I know?

I'd take 4X, I don't want to be greedy

Yes 10X is difficult but not impossible because in 2018 we will see more and more people investing here. Regards hilarski

When it comes to transaction processing - bitcoin is too slow. It takes 10 minutes to processed a transaction that may clog up a lot of transactions. In my opinion 10X may not be likely. The next inline to reach bitcoin position is Ether. A lot of the decentralized platforms are starting to adopt Ether.

Simple interpretation from Visual Capitalist..these are the inspiration for us to go more and more on bitcoin.. thanks @hilarski.. by webbots forecast bitcoin cross $13000 by March 2018.. la la laa

This truly was a marvelous year for bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Unfortunately, I hopped on the bandwagon a bit too late. Hopefully, next year will be as amazing as this one! And this time I learned my lesson: HODL!
Thanks for the insight hiarski :D

It's really informative and I think bitcoin cross $10000 in 2018

We still have a month in 2017.

Bitcoin is fabulous and attractive cryptocurrency module in this blockchain. Someone mean for BTC "king of cryptocurrency" BTC has long market cap. So my opinion BTC will massive target hit very earlier.

I like the graph. Thanks for sharing.

10X in a year, damn that's crazy! if you invested your money in traditional stocks, expecting 12% roi after inflation you'd have to wait... 20 years for that kind of result!!!

Thank you for update Significant events for Bitcoin in 2017 and nice analysis image source. Totally awesome with invest BTC. Awesome Visual Capitalist.
You doing great work to steemians from update news.


This is valuable post and useful.

Thanks @hilarski
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Thanks for the information . i hope bitcoin price 10000$ ,Great post.

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this price is should cross 10000$ in last mounth 2017.What do you think sir?

Good stuff @hilarski


cheer up for bitcoin to goal at $10000.

Bitcoin is a coin king of present, great analysis of bitcoin,its really good job,thanks for giving us a good post,thanks for good sharing

I think altcoins have a lot more room to grow vs. Bitcoin. The difficulty is figuring out which one are the next to explode in value. Had no idea that Dash would be over $600 right now. I'm just putting a little into several altcoins to average out what I can. Even Dogecoin has gone up double from where it was a couple weeks ago.

Great analysis of bitcoin,Thanks for giving us a good post,thanks for sharing

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Really useful and informative information you posted @hilarski. BTC keep going every-time. Nice analysed source. BTC will go like as rocketing.


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Tnx for sharing. Demand for money is over 150 trillion. That is how much money is out there. 150B is very small portion of that. Hold your Bitcoins and buy on dips.

It's insane who bought 1k bitcoin in one of january would have more than 10k now lol

Wow...such a great news for all crypto currency users...
@hilarski sir...I realy know and always trust BTC can change my future...

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I better treat my husband like gold, if bitcoin goes the way Join McAfee predicts his gonna be a millionaire...bitcoinaire lololol

Really easy to see with that picture nice job

Wow, there is so much fun data packed into that infographic! Thanks for sharing.

Great information of bitcoin. very helpful. thanks for sharing sir,
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Next price of bitcoin 10000$ , nice information

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thats like a good update news...thanks for sharing

In 2018 BTC = $200 000

Will continue to climb still in the middle

An excellent analysis and I also think that Bitcoin, let's say, by Christmas will be 10,000 dollars. Some analysts, amid rumors of an infusion of big money in the near future, are sure that by March 2018 Bitcoin can take the mark of 11,500 dollars, but we will see. Thank you @hilarski

crypto/bitcoin is a great way.the earliest way to get rich and not just make money with crypto is to buy BTC and hold for year or two.

Hard to believe it wasn't even at 1,000 in January and now it's already almost at 10,000.

Thank your knowledge..I will also buy more

what an year this has been

Great post , I think in 2018 BTC explode in price ...
what you say?

Hello @hilarski,

Extraordinary good article which described BTC milestones well. Incredible summary of it's journey.


its real news tnx for share..