The 2020's will be the new decade of Bitcoin.

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"The 2020's will be the new decade of Bitcoin." - Adrian Scott

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The awareness and adoption of Bitcoin globally is amazing it is just a matter of time bitcoin will become the global world currency @hilarski

Jesus Christ you are so right!

It'll be fun watching congressional hearings like we did yesterday with Maxine Waters... Then one day while they are debating over Libra, bitcoin will pump from the current range of 10K - 15K to 100K in a matter of weeks, then in a matter of days it may jump up to $1 M USD on the heels of the next presidential election.

I know who I'll be voting for... bitcoin!

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Ahhh you gave up on 2019... shame. Shame

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I actually thought we would barely see $10k this year.

its a Bitcoin Century !!!

it's only a matter of time📈