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in bitcoin •  8 months ago


My Money is On the Nerds!

I guess I am partial because I am one of the nerds myself. Even before I went down the Bitcoin rabbit hole back in 2014 I had a hatred for the old corrupt system. Bitcoin has freed me from that garbage!

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The same people who say Bitcoin is a massive speculative bubble never apply the same logic to the debt-based fiat currency they consider infallible.



As shown here, I believe bitcoin is going to miss the moon, and sail right over it and keep going.

The group on the left has a HQ that owns more guns and ammunition than the group on the right.

The Goliath with 100,000X as many guns and ammunition as the David, should not be assumed to go down easily,


Who won that fight again?

Every time I see Jamie Dimon open his mouth, I smell shit LOL


Yes, us Silver Stackers can smell him from half way around the planet.


Omg haha

Sooner or later, like it or not like it, I'm sure "Some Nerds" will win, because it was much sought after by people at each of these parts of the world.

My support goes to the nerds. But my fear goes to the goverment. For example it's unconstitutional for the federal government to collect taxes. But millions do it out of fear.

If goverments just say. "cryptocurrency" use is now illegal. And if your caught using it, your going to prison (rape camp).

What do you think will happen?

US debt just passed the $20 trillion range...entering uncharted territory. It's not a question of "if" rather "when" the house of cards comes falling down. Long live cryptos.

Bitcoin is gaining momentum, but there has to be a lot of change before the current backing system becomes obsolete



Biggest mistake fiat currencies made was not backing the coin with gold, when they dropped gold and printed indiscriminately it became flawed.

Gold is bouncing much like Bitcoin at the moment, I watch the news although never delved into the commodity.

Go for gold if you have a good gut feeling (and research) about it @skeptic it will still be better than fiat currency.


Yeah I agree, the gold backing of the dollar should have never been removed. IMO atleast.

Cryptocurrency is the present and the future :)

My money is on the nerds too, after all they run all the computers of the statists, don't they? haha :) great question!

i think bitcoin😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

No need to say who will win in the long term ;)

I'm for the victory of bitcoin! Down with fattening bankers!

I think bitcoin will win .


@hilarski - I believe on nerds Sir. 'Bitcoin has freed me from that garbage!' yes sir, BTC freed me from boundaries of a lots of payments methods. Love your work Sir.

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As my thinking access to banks and credit cards is completely accessible to the bank at a bank account who have a billion people in the world. Any other person is rejected in the case of opening the flat.

To open a bank account or apply for a credit card, fill out the long form and sign the agreement that does not work on your behalf. Bitcoin is accessible and accessible to anyone without restriction.Just think you ever had to wait several days for a bank wire to clear? Although domestic settlements within the same jurisdiction has become more efficient, international trade between banks still has a time delay.
With Bitcoin, transactions are received instantly and it usually only takes an hour for proper confirmation. The current banking system is outdated and even if they could settle instantly they’d likely still hold on to your money to turn a profit on investments.
Long live the bitcoin

Nerds will take it to the moon ;)

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Nerds will win, I saw a report which said around 35% of US banking systems (online banking systems) are well protected from hackers. That means if we created online banking account via regular banking systems we are also unsecured our accounts. As a result of that I prefer Nerds or Crypto and my investments are there too :D


Yay for freedom! And nerds!

Feel safer with the nerds @hilarski we have seen what white collared workers are able to do with government assistance already.

Take control of your own destiny IMHO

Bitcoin best

Nice post friend.bitcoin is the best market



Bwaahahhaa, love it.

amigo #resteemia at your service

My Money is On the Nerds too. nice post @hilarski

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These guys have so much power, they have been winning all along but i believe some nerds will defeats them

By now, we're all so used to hackers triumphing over the halls of power that it's hardly surprising anymore.

The people in authority just can't keep up with the pace of technology.


That pace will quicken. It is going to get really exciting. As John Mcafee says we need to secure everything.


And Kaspersky needs to make that new smartphone affordable for the masses to purchase. So many people only have phones rather than PCs to complete transactions these days.

Some nerds !


I would say a LOT of NERDS...a bunch of them .


Yes !!!

Well done !!

some nerds

For your post propagation.

In the long-term, nerds win. In the short-term, the government makes the nerds' lives hell. We may need to abandon this project for another one that they can't regulate. But that's life.

No question the Nerds will win. The Gargoyles are made out of stone and it's only the Nerds who can actually fly.

Screw the Age of is the Age of the Geek.

The banksters met their match. The geeks are all over the world apply technologies which know no national borders. That is an advantage the banksters always had...they would pillage anywhere. Now, blockchain is on computers all over the world with bitcoin /other crypto being used and owned by people everywhere.

Whatever the banker owned politicians come up with, the geeks will get around it. Bet the ranch on that.

Great post..thanks.

internet. this is future.

What's interesting is that most people do not know that the FED is NOT a ratified entity, it's a private banking cartel. Another caveat is the the IRS was never ratified either and is the collection agency for the FED! How screwed up is that? If you look up a friend of mine @lockesmith, he has written a couple of blogs that are nothing short of amazing. They are long, however, if you take the time to read and understand, you will know why the country is in the shape that it's in. Thanks again for all you do Randy! Stay Strong, Press On and Charge the Hill! Passionate about your Dreams. OH yeah, my money is with the NERDS because Fiat, whether cars or money will never be backed by anything of value.


Great comment @Tavi. Yes, I have been fighting back for years. First with precious metals and now with Crypto.

Some Nerds !

We just need to convince Trump to buy in. :)


We don't need that idiot or anyone in governments permission.


So you sound like a Trump supporter, LOL

The right choise: some nerds!!!

I'm siding with the nerds on this one!

Excellent post and narrative.
Thank you for sharing!

Bitcoin is alternative of social democracy economy... I hope so. Bitcoin is not just merely of cryptocurrency, behind that many aspects involved such as cryptography, data computer, mathematic algorithm, social functions. The ancient banker does not realize about this, they only care about how to gather and increase money from public and use it for their profit. Nice :)

The government, and also to corporate backed blockchains that will solve some of the issues Bitcoin has been unable to. (Slow transaction times, for instance.)

Not to mention the limited number of bitcoins being so low that everyone would have to make every transaction in tiny fractions. Because the average person loves working with numbers out to 5 decimal places!

some nerds :D
upvote reasteem

some nerds :)
thanks for @hilarski
have a nice day.
100% like and resteem

Crypto all the way, fed up with banksters

Nice post ,very good sharing


count me in!

my vote goes to the nerds lol

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I am also with the nerds, having superpower with computers. What's good about them is there will be a fair distribution of wealth and is not centralized.

Thanks for bringing always good post @hilarski! We appreciate it!


Oh oh. "Fair distribution of wealth". Always scary to see folks using FAIR in this type of context.

What exactly is "fair" about BTC?

Lots of positive factors you could reference, but I've never seen anyone use fair as a description of a BTC benefit

end the fed already

their system is dying, im with u brother

I pray for the nerds as our future may depend on them 😇.



I think it's important to point out that the Federal Reserve has only existed since 1913. It wasn't too long ago it didn't exist. It's another failure signed by President Wilson in the making.

Thanks to Bitcoin's anonymous creator, there is no longer a need to put faith in a centralized ledger operated by others.

Bitcoin is gaining momentum, but there has to be a lot of change before the current backing system becomes obsolete😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍👌👌👌👌👌👌👌🙂🙂🙂😌😌😌

I believe in cryptocurrency )

This is not critical question sir.....i think everybody will be able to answer this

bitcoin is the best market//////////////

Realmente, soy nuevo en el mundo de las criptomonedas y debo aprender bastante. Sigo en el modelo corrupto, pero poco a poco, voy entrando a otras monedas como el btc. Vale la pena hacerlo.

What if the government are the nerds with the computers and Bitcoin was the banking system centuries old?

It where the original nerds who tought up the banking system. So wouldn't it be smart to follow the nerds now aswell :)

The deep state is powerful, but the house of cards will fall. I'm with the nerds of cryptocurrency.

Long live Bitcoin . It changed my life too

I'm not a trader, but I have many friends who are. You know, from the past, that I often post counter opinions. It's part of that liberty is worth any price belief I suppose, and I'm not trying to be an asshole. I'm trying to protect my friends...

Therefore, I have a question. What would the price of crypto coins be if the banksters halted all exchanges from crypto to fiat? What would the value of BTC go to if that happened? The reason I ask of course is because the banks have that power.

They can shut down the transfer to and from fiat. That concerns me. I saw the ZH article today about China too, and it made me want to post about this issue. Now, I know YOU are being smart, and you have multiple baskets.

People should be aware of the dangers though. I love crypto and believe in it, but I also know the banks are not going to go quietly into the night. They will fight and fight dirty. All I ask is that people consider the worst case scenarios.

Insulate yourself. Don't put all your eggs in one basket. Diversification is the best way to protect wealth. I know you, @hilarski, know those things. The people who follow us here on Steemit might not though. :)