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Segwit2x Dead Before it Ever Began.

My friend James Clayton via Facebook. "Segwit 2x is dead, gone, will not happen. Great news in the long run for Bitcoin, and Alts, as they depend on a stable BTC. Only Bitcoin is Bitcoin. Death to the Bitcoin brand heist free money forks, may they all die in a fire."

My thoughts exactly James.


Check out the Tweet by Charlie Shrem.

2017-11-08 12_49_01-Charlie Shrem on Twitter_ _BREAKING_ _SegWit2X Suspending plans for the upcoming.png

Straight from Mike Belshe of Bitgo.

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party hard with altcoins!! eheh

This will strengthen the people's faith in the Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

One minute silence for the people who were ready to get free BTC Gold :) Useful information shared~


They did get Bitcoin Gold.

i just posted about this myself , have a look

I think we might see some of the alt's experience a bull run

3.2.1 annnnnd its gone. good decision to stop the fork madness.

a big news for the whole crypto industry. nice update @hilarski


Hello @hilarski,

Extraordinary good news & now we have stable ALTs too. Valuable news.


dear @hilarski, very informative news you shared. very hot news for crypto market.we should always hope for the best.thanks for updates.
steem on...!

Wow, way to be on top of this and thanks for citing all of the sources. I must admit, I did no see this coming. The market seems to like the idea and I try to never argue with the market.

Very informative and nice info you sharing @hilarski.

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At its core, bitcoin is a smart currency designed by very forward-thinking engineers. It eliminates the need for banks, gets rid of credit card fees, currency exchange fees, money transfer fees, and reduces the need for lawyers in transitions... all good things.
Thanks 🙏🏻 for sharing

'Only Bitcoin is Bitcoin. Death to the Bitcoin brand heist free money forks, may they all die in a fire.'
This is the most interesting quote I heard about the Fork. Useful information.

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Shocking news. More time to wait for solutions. Capacity is required to grow.

Now alts are:

now we will see some good coins pumping :)

Oh my god...
giphy (4).gif

I only just heard the news on FB, and remarked

"The speed with which news travels on social media is staggering.
I'm tempted to say "If only bitcoin were that fast.""

Then I wondered how long it would be before a Steemit article appeared on the subject and who would write it.
I should have known.
Speedy stuff!

Thank you sir....for your informative post...
Always upvoted and followed sir.

Wish you all the best

Good thing for steem too i guess.


Very good for Steem as a Crypto.

Wow that's great :D Hope there will be no more drama on this again! Great update for me! I think now ALTs will start it's hiking too and we have powerful BTC as always!


i read it just 3 hrs ago and finaly seqwit2x gone, its true!


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Exceptional news about "Seqgwit2x Dead Before it Ever Began."...!!!

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Great update and great news @hilarski.

wow that's a great news, it surely helps all the cryptos to move in a very stable way and now we should also see some nice green days in alts too, thanks for sharing

Great bitcoin will definitely cross 10k mark before the end of this year.


We will see, we could have a hard correction first.

I didn't see that one coming! But it's all good!

And there you go... HODL and SMILE.

This is a great,
I upvoted you as a witness :) good luck!


Witness? That is a first ; ) I leave that to the tech types.

that's very helpful post!!
thank you ;)

@hilarski - Sir by this update there are no BTC Gold? I thought to get free BTC Sir.... Anyway, we can have strong BTC... That's a good news Sir.... Nice you decided to share this news Sir....
To get more audience, I wish to ReSteem your post.

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I never said anything about Bitcoin Gold. That already happened.


@hilarski - Seriously? I didn't get it Sir.... I thought I'll get it freely.... My bad... Thank you Sir...


Seqgwit2x Dead Before birth

Thanks for this important information.

Well... rest in peace!

Hi @hilarski
great news
have a nice day

DQmZiDU6tarmDXbi66w3dCxqoHhFZZEHMUxhpWZ8oYzo6ag_1680x8400.jfifOutstanding perfomance for bitcoin..bitcoin currency is the best currency..

Money from the split wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing, but it did seem really soon after BTC Cash and Gold.

This is shocking, I believe the price of BTC shot up due to this hardfork. Every one were getting ready for it, including the exchanges. Now we need to see where the BTC price will go.

that was shocking btc dump about to come

Nice info! Thanks!