Richard Branson Talking About Bitcoin.

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"I do think Bitcoin is the first (encrypted money) that has the potential to do something like change the world".

By Sir Richard Branson

Richard Branson on Bloomberg Discussing Bitcoin.

My Take on His Comments About Bitcoin in the Video.

Sir Richard Branson is a very smart man. If he sees a trend he jumps on it. He made the point that if someone wants to pay me in Bitcoin I will accept it because why should he let the customer jump to a competitor. He also mentioned that Bitcoin is the first but many more will come and possibly be better. I think these words are golden because the video is already two years old but we are quickly seeing the rise of Crypto Currencies like Steem, Dash, Ethereum and a horde of others.

This is essentially how I feel about the Crypto Currency space. This technology is moving so fast that some of the current top 10 Crypto Currencies on Coin Market Cap might not exist in a few years or be sent to the dust bin.


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Steem will have a certain future as long as it is intelligent community backed. Whales come and go, community is here to stay and help Steem's rise and I don't see it go down anytime soon. Not in the sense of price but in it's social value and social media sense.

As of Bitcoin. Well, the king will always be the king. It's pulling up all the other cryptos, hope it doesn't eat them and die in the future.

Really like sir Richard Branson. In this case i think he is right. Look at Bitshares, eos, steemit and all the others that you yourself named.

However, everyone I know who is not into bitcoin still think bitcoin = crypto.

It's so true, I just told everyone at my real estate investor meeting that I have been investing in crypto, digital currency, alt. coins......nope. Had to say Bitcoin before anyone had a clue what I was speaking of.

Ok people congratulation we got one billionaire who approved it lets push them all and enjoy the rich life. Enjoy.

I believe that someday either bitcoin or one of the alt-coins will become out of reach of the masses and only governments can afford to use it. However other alt-coins controlled by the powers that be will develop for the masses to use become the electronic version of the fiat dollars we have today.

I do have a lot of questions about Bitcoin because of the upcoming Aug 1st fork, too many unknowns but I'd feel better about it after all is said and one on Aug 1st. I do think this is a big opportunity for all other coins. Ethereum has risen a great deal since just a few months ago.

I think I share same fears with bitcoin. I'll prefer to hold SteeM and Etherum than bitcoin.

What about TBC? any knows about it?

Thanks for sharing @hilarsky

TBC is an outright scam. I wrote about it in the past.

Oh!!@hilarsky, thanks for that.

I never had an interest in it, but my friend kept disturbing me about it.

Nope, not a chrony-capitalist at all.

Oh, the memes we could write about this.

On topic of Sir Richard Branson: (Warning more truth then many are ready for in this video :)

bitcoin is such a phenomenon its unstoppable regarding its growth rate.

Branson isn't good for bitcoin. He had a meeting on his island with reps from BitFury, the mining company set up by banks to derail bitcoin. Branson is rich off the legacy monetary system - he's pretending to like Bitcoin while simultaneously trying to destroy it siding with AXA/Blockstream/Bilderberg-funded Core development that has choked off bitcoin transactions.

Richard Brandson gives me the creeps, he looks like he could be the green goblin in spider man! So if Elon Musk is Iron man... could make for an interesting future for bitcoin! lol

Whoa, thats a big step bringing bitcoin and crypto to popular!

He recently had a party for Bitcoin business folks at his private island.

Resteemed and voted-up friend!

Yeah it's hard not to like that guy. I actually remember watching that video and it's one of the reasons that I started getting into cryptocurrencies in the first place.

Nice article right there!

Btw. BTC
going up to 3000 very soon! :)

great post, thank you for sharing this interesting information with the community, I hope you can go through my blog

I wasnt calling you a dick. I was saying good advice Dick as in Richard. Wow

Once again another fine post... Now all I need is a video of Richard Branson talking about my account and I should see an increase of upvotes....hmmm

The video is quite old but new to those who seen it for the first time.
But yeah, you hit the point @hilarski!

I haven't dig deeper to all crypto currencies.
Bitcoin is the 'Adam' should I say.
And the 'New Adam' is coming.
Is it Steem?
Well, lets see.

Old is old, new is new.
Of course I'm referring to old bitcoin and new (other cryptos).

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Maybe one should not look at it as investing in this or that coin, but rather as investing in the future money that Will later supersede money as weknow today.

Oh, well, the future is starting to look brighter

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