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in bitcoin •  8 months ago

Our Brand Shifted to Crypto Currency and it Was the Best Decision Ever!

We have been building our personal brands for 6 years online. When we decided to go all in on crypto currency it was a whole new world but we carried over what we knew in social media and it has paid off huge.

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Typing as I watch, so far great stuff! Thanks for sharing!

Great idea @hilarski, to make a personal brand on the Internet and transfer it to the field kriptovalyut, it's something new :)


Really great idea,I learn something new about crypto and yours looking so beautiful ,good post

Personal brand we can say as niche! Yeah, it might be a very useful concept for any kind of business! Yeah you made your brand and now it's time to use it with crypto currency! Nice timing and hope you a great future ahead too!


@hilarski - That would be excellent information Sir. You made your name. Therefore, I wish to ReSteem your post.

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amigo #resteemia at your service

yes, personal brand is everything. nice work @hilarski

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Good video. Thanks for sharing your experience and that of your wife with us!!!


Sir I agree with,, sharing your experience and that of your wife with us!!!

Congratulations @hilarski
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You are providing a useful tips about Personal branding and power of it.
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Building your brand !!
Interesting topic and valuable as well.

Wow nice couple. it is great travel . really look.
best of best. have a great day.

Congrats both of you! I have been following you for quite awhile, and I appreciate what you bring to the crypto-space.

FB is the black hole of social media HAHAHA True

I think that both of you guys are excellent for this platform and the greater crypto community as a whole.


Thank you Shawn! Yes, we despise FB.

I am a very new Lover of Crypto Currency. Any tip for me. Upvote & following you.


Learn the language of Crypto. #Hodl #Fud #FOMO


Come on man, you have to have more than that, LOL

Great update. very nice lovely couple. thanks for your posting.
100% like and resteem

Brand is all. People remember brands, not persons.

Hilarsky, has anyone mentioned you look like a Polish Ricky Gervais?

Such a cute couple

Buen post!

Great video keep pushing !! Personal brand is everything we can collaborate if you want !

@hilarski truly I'm agreed with your views is of you have personal brand specially in the world of cryoptocurrency! From these things automatically followed you and Yupp that is the best things when peoples admire your thoughts. I feel if we are always loyal with our followers than no one can stopped us to become an personality brands! And you both have personalty brands that's why I followed you on steemit as well as facebook.

Big thumbs up for great Video!

Brand online is good. How can we earn from this?

Personal Brand is everything, now I have to become a crypto guy lol

Keep On Stackin Hilarski's! :)

Oh great!..working together will help everyone to achieve what we are targeting for...good luck..

Great video sir.
For your post propagation.

Great idea & great video.
upvote resteem

Absolutely resonates with me. Yes branding is the key. If people belief in the value of your post and credibility they follow you. It aint that subjective anymore. U did well bro.

Great news friends, you have created your own brand, thanks for sharing such a valuable information about crpto brand from which we can gain lot. Thanks friends you couple looks gorgeous, wish you good luck for your new mission.

You have taken a great decision,looks like you have seen future , the world with crypto

Great video for watching... Good job and good idea.....
Success is always for you @hilarski....

great decision you guys ever take
and in the upcoming time you guys will become the roll model for them who don't understand what to do.
that time you are going to become inspiration for them to take step ahead so they will move towards their own goals to achieve and definitely after a long super duper hard work, they win finally
Passion is one thing that always help to get again and keep motivation to all
even they fail many of times
overall it was mind blowing like this

keep posting


i don't like these toys anymore, i m getting bored
take it away from the eyes
understand , better understand

I think you guys gave some good pointers on brand building. I would like to agree with not being an asshole but there are enough people that have used that as their brand and it seems to have worked for them.

but the internet and the world would be a better place if people didn't

Great information thanks for putting it up I found it to be quite interesting.

Interesting ,nice video

Thank you for giving interesting information. In future every one with crypto

ur filtered data of crypto pic keep going online in crypto field for us to surge in this one.

I think my name is my brand... I try to be positive and spread postivity.. yeah I know I'm not the best one to do that since I have a cynical side.

Also I use the same username in many websites for many niches/topics I'm interested in... while they are similar, they are very different... I don't want to be famous or something... I just want to earn enough money to live through things I enjoy...

Hopefully steemit will help with that!!

I liked how you talked about Facebook as it was the Black hole of Social media... yeah it's great to meet people. But serious converstions/posts are better done somewhere else.... where it can be found later!!

Wait... is Amanda Lee into crypto?! or did you talk another Amanda...?

You both have done very well building your brands.
You have proven to be VERY honest and direct. Those are the qualities I have noticed most. I really like that. You also have a very casual and laid back crypto lifestyle brand.

@anahilarski defiantly has done well at establishing her self in the latin American nieche even though she is a female which speaks a lot about her abilities!
She has also branded her self as someone who is constantly looking nice! High classy crypto lifestyle!

Love you guys!

That was a very good decision @hilarski. GREAT!!!

Good work man, i am also a trader on a small level

Thanks for sharing this important information together.

Good video. Thanks for sharing your experience

You know what they say: "Smart money always moves"
Smart people do what they like, and they do it greatly, then "Money follows those great people"!

Outstanding post and narrative.
Thanks for sharing such great post with us!

a nice topic that was so great to learn so many things it was great to be honest thanks for sharing your thoughts on this :)

Wow great post

@hilarski Excellent submit and very insightful. Have learnt a whole lot from it..

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@hilarski Your generate up is spectacular. Mad regard for sticking as a result of many of the hardships, Many of us would've Give up A great deal before..

very good

Great video and post! Good to see you guys persevered and made a better choice! =)

thanks@hilarski, 6 years all time work with reputation gives the most feedback from people and interest to invest in cryptocurrency.

Great topic for a new competition, I really like it.

We can say this must have been the greatest decision of your life. Crypto currency will take the whole world like a hurricane.

A risky but long-term decision that had its fruits, and were excellent, I have always said in business you have to risk to win and you did and won and thanks to God and good decisions you have an excellent present and even better future , a great example to follow .. congratulations @hilarski

I didn't think the video was getting too long. You are great together. Encouraging and informative.

So happy i came across your steemit account great content from you guys

Well I'm still building my brand and everyday I learn something new about crypto as well. Just yesterday I sold all of my LTC and exchanged it for steem which I've now powered up. I'm still a minnow, but a very strong one, and pretty soon I believe I'll be a dolphin. I'll keep posting quality content every day and I hope to become as legendary you have one day.