It is So Easy to Live and Operate Using Bitcoin in Panama Thanks to the Ease of Purchase.

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Living in Panama is One of the Best Places on Earth to Live and Transact with Bitcoin and CryptoCurrency.

@AnaHilarski and I really began our journey in living off of Crypto Currency and Bitcoin in 2014. In the beginning I have to admit it was not easy! Since that time the ease of use has accelerated to the point where now we no longer need banks.

One of our wisest transitions was to work within the world of Crypto Currency companies. Here are some ways we earn Crypto Currencies.

1. Many of our 200 Social clients are related to the industry and pay us in Bitcoin or their desired Crypto Currency.

2. We blog on Steemit which pays us in Steem. This Crypto Currency easily is converted to Bitcoin.

3. We have cloud mined Bitcoin with Bitclub since 2014. It is the only network marketing business I have done in years.

4. When we need Bitcoin we can easily buy on Local Bitcoins or go to any Punto Pago or Bitcoin/Dash ATM.

@AnaHilarski Buying Bitcoin at a Tigo CTM Which Sells Dash Also.

You can find one of these Bitcoin ATM's at he Sortis hotel in Obarrio. It is located in the little store next to the hotel reception. Have your smart phone with your Bitcoin wallet ready and just scan and load.

Our Friends at Coinapult Recently Joined the Punto Pago Network.

Punto Pago has kiosks all across the country. You can now buy Bitcoin anywhere you see one! Our friends have reported that all kiosks now support the purchase of Bitcoin in Panama.


Here is What the Screen Looks Like at a Punto Pago Kiosk.


It is Getting Easier and Easier to Live and Work Using Bitcoin.

If you believe in the ability to live and work using Bitcoin it makes sense to live in jurisdictions that make it easy. If you comment on this post and tell me that living like this is not possible in your locality then maybe it is time to pack your bags and move. If you want to be part of this major economic shift known as Crypto Currency then I recommend you live in places that let us freely operate.


Good to hear that it is so easy to use Bitcoin and other crypto currencies in Panama. I am living in Germany and fear that here (as so often, also in other fields) many people and politicians focus on the risks instead to see the chances ...

A list of "crypto friendly" countries would be very interesting.

I am familiar with the blockchain and bitcoin in 2013. But in my country, ambiguous attitude to this subject. Sorry, but time is not in favor of such uncertainty (disable-enable)😒. And once again, go talk about tightening measures and appear bad news about this, I seriously thinking to pack your bags. There - where favorable conditions for me. I am an investor and trader at several sites...😎...and many more things. My family supports me in these thoughts. I understand that the future is to use bitcoin.

It is happening rapidly. I always believe in following dreams. Bitcoin is just the beginning there are so many opportunities arising.

Not just bitcoin alone, but other popular cryptos as well. Nice post @hilarski

Hi Randy, a great and motivational post. I just started with crypto currency and love to learn more from you.

For a newbie. What is the most important thing to do first?

You are in the right place. For people who are social media savvy then Steemit is the gateway to Crypto. You can earn Steem here and if you would like exchange it for Bitcoin. If you want to speed up the process then head down to a local Bitcoin ATM and buy a few hundred Euros worth. You could use Local Bitcoins to transact privately or by deposit in a bank account. You can also get a Wirex Mastercard which allows you to purchase and sell Bitcoin.

Thanks a lot Randy. The first steps with something new like Bitcoin are always a different feeling and it needs - at least for me - a full understanding of what's going on.

Steemit is the gateway to crypto! I've been getting in deeper and deeper and am so intrigued. Thanks for help early on @hilarski! You provided some great introductory materials and advice. Now I'm reading "The Denationalisation of Money," by FA Hayek, 1974 Nobel Laureate in Economics. Check out this quote from him:

"As soon as the public became familiar with the new possibilities, any deviations from the straight path of providing an honest money would at once lead to the rapid displacement of the offending currency by others.

So exciting to see this idea swelling right now, 40 years on. What a ride! Been consuming more content that I generate lately, but be sure I'm spreading ideas in other ways. Cheers everyone!

I believe so,very soonest than we expected

Exciting times with Crypto adoption in #Panama. @hilarski and @anahilarski are catalyst driving this not only in Panama but all over. Thanks for the awesome posts my friends.

Lets sell some #cars with #bitcoin and #cryptocurrency to build more value in this unique asset class.

If you are interested in saving while using your earned #bitcoin on your next new luxury #cars or SUV purchase @hilarski and myself can help you.

#Cars are with discounted factory direct prices from #CFZ #Panama and other major ports -duty free and Shipping is worldwide.

No problem! Let's keep spreading the good news.

Was literally thinking about living in Panama and using Bitcoins today! Thanks for the post. Follow up questions - Is it easy to register a business there? Am I right to assume that Panama does not tax foreign earned income?

No tax on foreign income. We set up our company in ten days. It cost around $1200. This place rocks if you have an online biz.

Might have to join the party :)

Exciting times we live in Randy! I'm so glad you are spreading this info online, or I may not have started my Crypto journey until who knows when.

These last few weeks have added Billions to the world of Crypto Currencies. We have now passed $30 Billion!

WOW! That is definitely not chump change! My feet are slowly but surely getting wet into the Crypto Pool, so now I'm in it to win it.

And now past $38 billion, 47% gain in crypto market cap over last month. That's just over 1/2 % of gold's market cap, at $7 trillion. So much momentum right now AND so much room for growth. People are tired of offensive money that props up corrupt regimes!

I echo the "this is inspirational" sentiment. Great stuff.

I would also suggest getting started with Coinbase as another "hub" toward eventually trading, investing, and transacting business with Bitcoin.

(My site helps with ultra-basics here:

Keep 'em coming my friend - hope to see you someday in Panama (I've been threatening to move there for ten years now).

Come on down!

You are welcome Lena. Have you ordered a Wirex card or any other Crypto Currency card yet? For a traveler it sure makes it easy.

no I did not, I am have to fight me through this jungle, thank you for your hint, I will do research , thaks

Any other crypto cards you'd recommend? Do you like Wirex the best?

I'm currently backpacking and blogging my way to Panama. I'm starting in Texas so by the time I reach Panama I should have some bitcoin saved up. This is great news.

I recommend getting a Wirex debit card. You can have it shipped anywhere outside the USA. It sure makes life easier.

Great! I'll have it mailed to your house and I can pick it when I come visit. ;) I'll see you in a couple months. <3

I'd really like to see Dash and Bitcoin ATMs at the next Anarchapulco. I'd like to see you there too, Randy. /hint ;)

We were planning to come this year but I was in the middle of my residency process. Hopefully next year but we are also doing our own show for Crypto on March 8-11.

This is amazing, I love in Costa Rica there @hilarski I will have to come down for a visit. Probably need to make a trip in the next few months, let me know if there is something worth checking out! If you ever in the CR area too, send us a message. Feliz Bitcoining

Are you doing your border run? Where in CR? We used to go to Puerto Viejo for my runs.

Yeah, I have not yet finished residency. WE are located near Dominical on the pacific side. Just north of the Panama boarder about 2 hours. Got a little farm and property we built and set up out here. Doing the digital nomad/sustainable farmer remix.

That is awesome, I heard that area is very nice. Anabell's family is Tico but they moved here over 30 years ago. We are doing a Crypto show here March 8-11, 2018. I would love for you to be part of it. We will be launching the site in the next few weeks.

Yeah, its very diverse out here, I've seen more animals on my driveway than anywhere else on the planet!

Also, Yes!!That would be amazing! I am still organizing the total platform of the Arcane Bear and my character, but by 2018 we should be well set up! It would be a pleasure. We are working out an interview and podcast format, would love to have you on as a guest too. I love your direction. Keep up the good work and let me in on this site once its launched. Cheers,


Wow nice info i will call it Panama leaks.

Great news for a near future pensionado. Thank you.
Are Punto Pago available only in Panama City or are they also in other places like Boquete and David?

They are across the country at grocery stores, malls, bus stations etc.

Yee haa! Thank you :)

Punto Pago has kiosks all across the country. You can now buy Bitcoin anywhere you see one! Our friends have reported that all kiosks now support the purchase of Bitcoin in Panama

Wow! I'm gonna buy some next time I top off my phone.

Everyone we see we check and it is true. ; )

Nice post-- and very encouraging!

It's interesting that BTC and other cryptos will gain widespread acceptance outside the US first... in another ten years, places accepting Bitcoin will be as commonplace as places accepting PayPal today... remember how resistant people were to PayPal, in the early days? It won't be long... for me, the question mark remains the alt coins... how will any one(s) of them differentiate enough to become BIG, vs just an investment vehicle for fringe dwelling investors?

I got into this world like a month ago and I am blown away by the way this work. EXCITING TIMES ARE COMING, I am expecting only good things, and I feel super lucky to be able to get to know about cryptocurrency. Also good to know that Panama is making it easy, thanks for that information.

Wow 1 month!! Go down the rabbit hole, you won't be disappointed.

I am sure i will not be disappointed, if you believe in something you make your move and when those actions come to fruition, then you see that everything was worth it, if you do not move and do it nobody is going to do it for you.

Hi Randy, happy to tell you while searching for a bitcoin buyer this post was 8th in the search list :-)
I'm needing to cash out on some steem, what is the best way to do that in Panama? You must be an expert by now.
Thanks in advance

This deserves to be seen. Establishments would probably do great if more accepted cryptocurrency. I should make a list of crypto-friendly cities. Anybody else living in one right now?

Los Angeles, Anaheim, Las Vegas just to name a few in the US

Now that is how IT is done FOLK$

Go Green...



Great to hear Punto Pago sells bitcoin. Life is good.
how do you convert to USD ?

I've decided to follow all the advice in this article. I now have Wirex, steemit obviously, BitClub, and an intention to get Panamanian residency (that's what led me here). Now all I have to do is cash out some gold to light it all up. Thanks for the solid info! is an okay exchange based in Panama.

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It is So Easy to Live and Operate Using #Bitcoin in #Panama

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