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BTC.com and CryptoBuyer Sponsored Bitcoin Meetup.

@AnaHilarski and I are super excited to attend the Bitcoin Meetup tomorrow February 4th at 4pm. We have a who's who of Panama and Venezuela's Bitcoin community attending.

Sponsors of the Panama Bitcoin Meetup-

Yari Romero of BTC.com

Jorge Farias CEO of Cryptobuyer

Look at the Companies Represented!

Influencers Attending.

Ira Miller- Ambassador of Gitguild and Bitcoin Pioneer.

Gabe Sukenik- CEO of Coinapult

Daniel Diaz- Dash Business Development. Dash.org

David Defranco Levi- CEO of Panama Gold Bullion

Anabell and Randy Hilarski- Owners of $200 Social

Adrian Scott, Ph.D.- Coderbuddy CEO; Napster founding investor; founder of social networking pioneer Ryze

MeetUp Schedule.

• Bitcoin and Cryptobuyer Introduction:

• Jorge Farias, CEO of Cryptobuyer


• Bitcoin POS:

• Yari Romero, BTC.com


• Daniel Diaz, DASH Business Development

-----Grand Finale------

Dinner and Drink Sponsored by BTC.com

Testing the New Bitcoin POS System.

Restaurante Nomada

Balboa Boutique Mall. Piso 1 Restaurante Nomada, Panamá 4 pm.

I Think It is Time Panama was Recognized as One of The Worlds Premier Bitcoin Hubs!

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This is going to be huge too! Thanks for sharing the updates on it and namaste :)

It will be a blast, this crew is fun. I will post pictures and updates tomorrow.

GREAT! Have fun and I look forward to seeing the pictures too. Namaste :)

Have fun

I truly believe we will have a huge Bitcoin event here soon. The momentum is rising.

✓ Good News for Cryptocurrencies

Everything seems like a great day. Have a good time, thank you very much dear friend @hilarski for the information

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Nice feed! I joined "Coinapult"a long time ago. Never went back since for some reason. But this meet-up looks like it would be exciting to attend and hear all that will be talked about. 'CryptBuyer'? Can't wait to checkout!
Resteemed ;)

Have a great time :-)

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