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in bitcoin •  11 months ago


I Love My Gold and I Love My Bitcoin But This Meme Speaks Truth.


I Made This Graphic About Gold vs. Bitcoin Last year But it Still Holds True.

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well, what about bitcoin gold? ehehe joking

Well then what about BITCOIN GOLD! lol jk jk but yeah gold is nice but one key factor you might be missing is percent increase over history. Bitcoin continues to climb year after year if not month after month that puts real gold in the pits when you look at it from an investment standpoint. Even if you invested in bitcoin for a month you could buy more gold then you could the month before.


so now we prefer bitcoin, the power of the surge is more stable @bitcoinflood, right @hilarski ?? 😂😀


You really liked that name, didn't you?

East or West bitcoin is simply the best. i also love bitcoin.

i like BTC

Nice comparison @hilarski, bitcoin is best, we just have to spent fiat and save bitcoin.

statistics makes you its side but bitcoin almost to the moon!

Bitcoin won without any contests.


Bitcoin is always high in level.

I tried to sell a few of my Silver Rounds and they told me they would not take them because they had been getting too many fakes.. You don't have that problem with Bitcoin (or any cryptocurrency).

All things considered, this is a fairly good comparison. You can still update the numbers or add a few more variables

@hilarski - Sir, for me BitCoin worth than Gold for today & in tomorrow, after 10 years also.... Nice discussion Sir...
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I love the honesty and humour you have there...

im so confused , now B2x is 2000$ after the fork people will sell bitcoin to buy B2X ?

gold and bitcoin well, I think gold uses is multipurpose, and also gain but in that terms bitcoin is a holding assets.
Both are right on its place. Thanks

Both are great. Gold have one advantage, that it is a "stable money" for 5000 years. Also it is manipulated by big banks, so true value is much higher. On the other hand we live in digital world and Bitcoin rocks. If monetary system collapse, it is always good to have some gold. Even one of the best investors of all time Ray Dalio, saying that everyone should have at least 7% of all assets in gold.


I own both but put very little faith in Gold. I prefer silver and much prefer BTC.

Hello @hilarski,

The Meme said Gold wins, but I doubt it. Think BitCoin is the winner.


BTC is my best answer!


This is a hard comparison... as most of these values come from the environment you are in.

Such as, in Zimbabwe, there are gold assayers in every market. It is easy to transact in gold.

In the on-line sphere, it is easy to move bitcoin, and next to impossible to move gold (well, you could use gold-money, but you give up holding your own gold)

So, these values really depend on the environment.

However, in the future, there will be more important things on your lists. And they will trump everything. Basically, their weighting will be x10.

For instance, imagine the world figures out how bad $oros really is. I mean, like they figure out that he is the cause of 1 in 10 children having autism, by his direct actions. And that he has caused all people to lose $10,000 personally, and... So, he becomes a living Hitler.

And $oros pays his private guard (army) in gold, because they won't accept anything else (like The US$, which is gone) and the towns people see this, and decide to not accept gold, because the gold comes from $oros.

From $oros -100Not from $oros +10

And there will be more important things,
such as verification of sending, automatic escrow, complete traceability end to end, or complete anonymity, etc.

@hilarski Nice comparison. Gold scores in 'long history', it has been proven great resource over a period of time. BitCoin is the future for wealth building and really making a difference(until all the governments goes against it).

Naa, forget about G(old) and (B)it(coin). Here are the basket I recommend for riches:

  • BCC/Bitconnect (remember to put me as sponsor @lasseehlers when you jump on this super train)
  • STEEM (which you are already a fan of)
  • BITSHARES (Change my life together with BCC)
  • EOS (Investment in the best blockchain technology of today)

Since Steemit got a new logo, I am going to make new promotion gear where I also add EOS to the coins I recommend.

Bitcoin is like the "Gold standard for crypto", we need it to buy other coins and transfer money around, but really if you want to be a super investor, then those 4 coins have much more potential.

U5dqnRync2a74fxzX2P9SSo2UAzqCpS.gifi love bitcoine....

BTC go profitable way and my selection BTC win the match.bitcoin-accepted-here_-_gold-big-1680px.png

gold good, but btc better. gold is a jet, but btc is the sky rocket ;) @hilarski


There is absolutely nothing wrong with holding both, I think that what will happen if precious metals and cryptocurrency gain dominance again in the modern world we'll be using gold and silver for local trading amongst communities and cryptocurrencies for global trading so you don't have to worry about shipping gold and silver everywhere to people you want to pay.

Diversified Crypto would offer 100X more growth than Gold but its always smart to hold some hard metals to balance out the volatility of crypto. People who have not got into crypto yet are going to really see the need by next year as these protocols keep evolving and getting more useful by the day. Like what Macro Trader Billionaire Mike Novogratz is saying the herd is coming. Crypto is still the early game and the big money (Institutional Money) is starting to pour in.


I had a comment there but it deleted it when I posted the video. Trying to say the real money is just starting to arrive. Place your bets now b/c the heard is coming. Listen to very successful Macro Trader Mike Novogratz.


Gold great store of value but not going to grow like crypto.

Bah ha ha, i live my gold too, but this made me laugh :)

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"Limited Quantity" of Gold should have less than 5 points, as we do not know how much gold is yet to mined in this world, however there is strictly limited supply of Bitcoins available to be mined.

G'day. Cool comparison.

Everybody has different circumstances but I don't anything should be overlooked! How each individual fits it into their own financial situation will vary quite a bit. How it works out in the long run will also vary quite a bit.

One thing to make sure of, regardless of what you do - "KEEP IT IN YOUR OWN POSSESSION!"

For example: Physical Gold ; Physical Silver ; Bitcoin (offline) ; Other Cryptos (offline) ; Property ; Useful Assets...............and here's a radical suggestion ...... Physical Fiat Currency!

WTF you say!
I personally think that before the time comes where we need all the other backups, there will be a time where the best way to survive is with Physical Cash. Which one? - Who knows? I prefer AUD & USD at the moment.

Worst case scenario, you trade it for Silver, Gold and Cryptos when the right time comes. To me it's just another safeguard.

Hi @hilarski, This is the first post on BCG I read after recent hardfork. Thanks for the educational post. The comparison in the meme was superb. Excellent post. Keep sharing, caring, rocking and inspiring the world more.

Stay awesome.

Steem On!


I don't think that this post is about BTG. It may be about Bitcoin vs Gold, don't you think?


My mistake. I thought it was about BTG. Thanks for the correction. I appreciate it.


No problem, I always like to be helpful!


Durable - 1 (depends how old)
Divisible - 10
Convenient - 10
Consistent - 7
Possess Value - 10 (11 when drinking)
Limited Quantity - 1 (unless after midnight, then 10)
Long History - 7

Total = 46, not bad

Storing - easy
Confiscating - easy
Transferring - easy
Paying - easy
Verifying - n/a
Memes - hell yea

Lol. I very much like your suck/does not suck rating system.Simple yet effective.

Hard to say which one is the better according to this nice analysis. But my favor always with BTC and crypto currency. But this article gives me a point to rethink. But I have faith on BTC~

bitcoin the future of the new generation.

So Bitcoin won?

Amazing post. Love your short version of the "pulse" of bitcoin.

Send this to Peter Schiff lol

I love the way you make the comparison between gold and bitcoin ;)

Bitcoin lovers in the house !!

good now because the bitcoin keeps going up @hilarski

Ask me again in a few thousand years. ;)


Gold will simply be a commodity for interest is my guess. Bitcoin will probably be long gone but we will have moved on to even more cryptographically secure forms of digital cash.


Well, gold and silver has been a symbol for value since the old Egyptians, and thats deeply embedded in the mind of people still today.
What direction BTC (and other alt coins) will be going, has to be seen in the future. It has a lot of enemies and will face some dangers. One is just coming up now, as I spoke about in my post:

How does gold only get an 8 in limited quantity!?
Is it because of the alchemists out there transmuting lead into gold using particle accelerators?


Especially when you give bitcoin a 10 in the limited quantity category!
We have all seen the hard forks bitcoin produced. There is no limit to the amount of bitcoin no matter how many times someone says there will only ever be 21 million.



Gold - 4000 YEARS
Bitcoin - 9 YEARS

We can all make charts, but leave out important comparisons

Really nice comparison @hilarski,

Paying with silver wasn't that hard too long ago (silver coins, obviously). I think both gold and Bitcoin have their place. Not a bad idea to have a little of both.

Also note that governments don't ban gold.


Also note that governments can't do anything about Bitcoin.


haha i agree with your response my friend.

Why did you give 5 points in history for bitcoin? I would say it is only 1.

'I Love My Gold and I Love My Bitcoin But This Meme Speaks Truth.'
50% 50% investment on both is the best idea. Nice tip ;)

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How about applicability in the digital world?

I think that sways things in the direction of Bitcoin....big time.

Yeap, that's a good one, Bitcoin is the new gold!

I think bitcoin is better. An useful knowledge @hilarski .

In a few years you just might have to revise this chart to include BTC Gold, BTC Silver.... and BTC Uranium... if you can make it through all the forks! lol

Wow...such a wonderful compare btc and gold... by @hilarski
My dear day I think btc is past the Gold...
Bcz...I realy trust...btc can change my future...

  1. Long History Gold 10 Bitcoin 2

Long History Gold throughout ALL HISTORY - Centuries
Long History Bitcoin less than a decade

Gold is s real money

Interesting analogy on the two @hilarski gold is on the swings and slides, I think more so than bitcoin of late. Never having traded in precious metals I will not comment.

Bitcoin however has held true and positive to a good future on blockchain technology making possibilities going forward a more equal and fair game.

My main comment to all , look after your own interests and move away from traditional where you are being screwed!

only bitcoin can give 1000X return in one year

I do liked the idea of both of it though ;)

Bitcoin is always be a better choice ....

Bitcoin is way better because it is not physical, cannot be controlled or manipulated by central authorities and it is easier to buy and store.

I like both @hilarski and thank you for following me!

If you haven't checked out my introduction post yet...

Please, check it out and #UpVote if you like as I faithfully up vote everyone that follows me...or at least I try to!

Thank you so much and have a blessed day.

I would rather have more Bitcoin than gold.

Limited Quantity--- In my opinion this point goes to gold. it used to be a main argument for cryptocurrencies but with all this hardforks it seem like bitcoins are doubled every second week.
Its scares me a bit to see that bitcoin is rising while there are so many forks-it make no sense from a financial point of view.

Gold is gold. That's why they say. Old is gold :D

BTC is a currency and gold is a expensive metal. How can we relate both, there is a very big difference between these 2....

bitcoin is better than btc gold.

I love you, friend. This post cracked me up. I'll have a little of both, please. :) May you and yours have a beautiful and happy existence!