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Im buying one of those right now !

💲 very nice post in bitcoin 💹

@hilarski - Yes Sire, BitCoin is better, but hate that 0.001 transaction fee Sire :(
love your post Sire. Therefore, I wish to ReSteem your post Sire.

+W+ [UpVoted & ReSteemed]

20 Bucks barely covers my transaction fees lately.




It's funny because it's true. Study if you keep your cash in bitcoin they appreciation of the transaction fees will always be peanuts compared to the appreciation of the bitcoin. It's almost like locking in a portion for future transaction costs.


No shiitake mushrooms

damn i would like to have this ahah
by the way, this mark adds more value to paper money xD




Hahaha very good.

Eh this is a good way to make marketing in bitcoin!!

Defacement of the fraudulent ponzi US fiat dollar with Bitcoin, the deflationary currency of the people . I love it!

I want a stamp! I handle thousands of dollars everyday! Except I want it to say In blue.... Genius!

LOL $ just got trolled :D


LOL....someone defacing the government currency. oh well, it is on its way to being worthless.

Where can I buy one of those stamps? :D

I also made a nice Bitcoin-Meme today, check it out:

What cryptocurrencies really are about!


Have one made at a stamp shop.

Bitcoin is Better Hence Proved !!

It is nice to see how much exposure bitcoin gets lately. Everyone is talking about it and most importantly people are starting to unserstand that indeed bitcoin IS better! :)

You are damn right! :-)

Oh my god man that is awesome!


Reminds me of this.

Bitcoin is the FUTURE:)


And the future is now.

@hilarsky, nice one, but you forgot a few..

1/9th of 1 $BTC


That's a steal for 1/9th a BTC.


The world has changed!!

That's the way to promote Bitcoin! :D

Bitcoin has one significant drawback in comparison with paper. It will not help to light a fire! )
Great work dear @hilarski! Very creative!

jajajjajajaja very good your post

It would be amazing if all notes had bitcoin is better stamped on to them.
I'd rather hold bitcoin than USD that will keep depreciating in value
Great meme @hilarski! :)

🤣🤣🤣🤣 this is gold. I look forward to getting a dollar that says this

Now that made my day just a tad better

Bit.. es el mejor... seee hay que invertir. Pa arriba va.

lol, hilarious :)

Where could a person find those stamps?

This meme is a good hit :) Respect

amigo #resteemia at your service

absolutely bitcoin is better. nice memo @hilarski

'UpVote ReSteem Comment'

This reminds me of the Where's George currency tracking project. Have you tried that? It's a lot of fun.


That was very popular I used to find those all the time havent seen one in a minute.

Amen to this! I thought this was a federal offense? Luckily you didn't do it! ;)

Hahahahahaha. Bitcoin is the future.

Give me bitcoin.....

haha thats awesome!

That's funny :D Yeah BitCoin is better! Nice Memo and thanks for sharing friend!


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Randy, I'm dying! hahaha, best thing I have seen today. RESTEEM'd!

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Awesome meme @hilarski soon it will happen :-)

Bitcoin is the best. ;)

I need to get one of those stampers 🤣

for sure Bitcoin is better in 4550 times :) or in 910 or in 227.5 times :)

"If you stamp a federal note with a truthful fact, but there's noone around to see it,
Is it really an illegal act?"
............................... Confucius

"If you remove the gold standard from the US currency,
Is it really worth anything?"
............................... Nixon

Hahaha, really liked it!

El futuro sin duda!

I agree :)

Cash is anonymous. bitcoin is traceable but heh a five times growth over a year... wow

Bitcoin is the people's currency


I am planning to buy it very soon. You gave me new idea.

bitcoin will be better than now.

Ha haa. lovely . insteed of meme this should be the reality.

LoL! Is this even legal? In school we were taught that we could not burn/destroy money intentionally.


What is illegal? Pirates don't pay attention to legality.

wow that's good news mam!!
thanks for sharing!!

Lmao i want a stamp like that :D

Great topic @hilarski
Thanks for sharing

Yes . Bitcoin is better .

Ethereum is much better