Bitcoin is Magic Internet Money!

in bitcoin •  2 years ago

This Sums Up Exactly How I Feel About Bitcoin.

Every new person I talk to about Bitcoin wants to understand the ins and outs of Bitcoin. I personally no longer have the time to explain how it all works but I sure am happy to send them to a website owned by @TraceMayer called We Use Coins. Trace took a good deal of time to put this super valuable resource up on the internet and all newbies should bookmark it.

So if you ask me, "Randy what is Bitcoin?" I am going to answer, "Magic internet money and ask you to go down the Bitcoin rabbit hole."

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They have Bitcoin on computers now? Huh.


Yes, they do...
Great post 👍
These virtual bucks are really like magic..

Bitcoin literally cover up my recent forex losses and it was like a magic.

I hope it will continue to keep showing its magic.


i hope you still trade forex


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Now that is a good reason to love it!


Sure hilarski bitcoin is simply awesome


I still do not understand everything about bitcoin. But, I guess it's about the time. Everybody screaming around how great it is :)

Great Post!
I agree it is absolutely magic $$$$$$!
Thanks for sharing & steem on :)

Upvoted and resteemed thanks for sharing great news

Thanks for the post. I will check it out. Hope all is well in Panama!

MAGIC :D I'm honestly amazed by the technology behind cryptocurrencies. I've been thinking about launching my own! One that would be blockchain-less and offline would be a game-changer! :]

Crypto currencies definitely feel like magic to me! Still trying to absorb everything I can about how they actually work :)

Whish I knew this thing existed when I got into crypto.. still wuite useful! Thanks! :)


Sup :D
I found you haha (accidentally)

@hilarski I used to feel this way about BTC about 6 months ago, around when I first got into the crypto space, but when I was able to pull some of the profits I earned over the course of a few months to help pay my rent, I think differently know about it. BTC is more then a currency, I see it as storage of value!

Please tell me that you followed up on your intention to get back into DASH! Evan's article out today, I thought, was nothing but positive for the future of DASH and cryptocurrency in general. A 5 year plan to have 400Mb blocks and transaction capacity equal to credit cards for less fees! Specialized hardware, super nodes, better privatization, enhanced governance. Their 1mil/month development funding is going to pay off I'm sure!


I have a teeny tiny amount of dash. It's been a bad investment so far, but I sincerely hope it will turn around!


I never sold my Dash. Going to keep it long term. It is a winner.


That's the way to go:) It's bound to have its green rocket again some day

Nice post u can mine bitcoin with laptop...........

Satoshi the magic genius!


one day i wish to meet this satoshi genius.i will not care whether it is and individual or a group of people

Or just say BUY IT Randy!

This is Bitcoin ATM in the states. First one I have seen :)

Had to test her out!!!


That looks very simple. It looks like they are charging around 8-10%.


Very, Very Simple. You get the bitcoin immediately..... at the time coin base had it for $200 cheaper. But remember the transaction fee's from coinbase at around $55 per Bitcoin.

Yes bitcoin is real magic

When ask about what my mining rigs are doing, I just say they are downloading money. =)

Magic internet money! Magical price swings make good buying opportunities.

Magic money is the best money!!!
Today my post made more money then I made at my desk job.... I was sooo stoked!!! :)



I can buy mobile credits with bitcoin :)

The best part about this money is that it is invisible.

Steem on @hilarski! Oh the feels. I'm still trying to grasp this phenomenon called #cryptocurrency. And im very much interested knowing more about it. Epic post indeed ;)

Crypto-currency is definitely the magic of the future! Bitcoin is Magic. Just like me! LOL!

Bitcoin save my hospital bills..


wow thats great.i hope that it will also help me to become the richest guy in my home country

My Reaction when someone laughs at the idea of of Blockchain Technology

This is too funny! I know how it feels to have everyone ask about Bitcoin and I just give them a short explanation because the long one could go on for days lol. Alice Down The Rabbit Hole is the perfect summation of the journey that Bitcoin takes you on.

right, it's interesting money ~

Awesome post. Bookmarked we use coins .... Thank you for sharing. Im on day 4 and have alot to learn .

I think it's really cool that we're getting basically free money for just talking about what we're interested in O__O the internet is magical

We all got in early, everyone on Steemit is ahead of the curve.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are still a while away from mainstream acceptance but when they do all of us will be rich thanks to getting into Bitcoin before it was $10,000 a coin

There is actually a really interesting chart that conveys the potential for growth in liquidity as the general public gains awareness of the overall #crypto market, especially #bitcoin.

Check it out here:

You can see that the bitcoin market alone is just one-tenth the daily trading volume of the gold market at this time. Who knows what the future potential truly is. Clearly it appears that it has not yet maxed out.

My workmates laughed at me when I introduced Bitcoin. Either I get the last laugh or they will.



there are so them and you will become the next millionaire in your country.The richest youngest millionaire in south africa was very intelligent by using his fourth year tuition money for trading thus in the process he dropped from he owns a very successful company which teaches people how to trade forex


trading is a difficult business and i do not know how to. thanks

All, go down to the rabbit hole :)

I vaguely understand what bitcoin is, and even buy it a little. But it's interesting to read smart people :)

Good post. Thanks for the share and ya... bitcoin is a gift that's for sure.

Yes you are absolutely right as is magical money of Internet. So many people ask me about bitcoin and when i told them then mostly not believe that its scam and balh blah so i dont say anything and keeo doing my work. So from now if anyone told me what is bitcoin then i also tell same as you said here. Great man nice post.


even me i will be doing the same cause i am tired of repeating the same explanation to the same people about bitcoin and yet they keep on coming to ask me about it again and again.if they are not interested on it i will start assuming s better i come up with my institute company specializing in cryptocurrency and bitcoin teaching in my home country where i will be earning some money for offering my tutorial rather than repeating the same thing to individual on their inbox


With me the problem is that they not want to believe that its possible to earn and bitcoin is digital currency. They just want to prove us wrong so i not tell them anything and keep my work going. They just judge anything without knowing or without doing any survey. Crypto currency will famous im features and they are mot aware of it so its their loss and that time they will remain us.


let them continue to be shallow minded.the moment they will discover that you have become a billionaire,that is when they will say they wish they knew.


You are right let them to suffer because we are talking to them for their benefits but they are proving us instead of join. Some of my friend believe it as i say what is it and how it work because we have trust so we not need to prove that its legit or its not scam. Its batter just doing ourselves and when success will show them what they miss.


yeah,let them continue complaining that the government is doing nothing to help them get a job and yet the government has provided a good environment for them.even today i tried to inroduce one of my friend to steemit but he ignored it .i decided to assume him.


With me the problem is that they not want to believe that its possible to earn and bitcoin is digital currency. They just want to prove us wrong so i not tell them anything and keep my work going. They just judge anything without knowing or without doing any survey. Crypto currency will famous im features and they are mot aware of it so its their loss and that time they will remain us.

I'll more love bitcoin than money. Magiiic of life.

Oh how glorious that rabbit hole can be.

You're missing out Alice! lol

Great post. Thank you for this.

Exactly what you said @hilarski it's magic. Especially for those who try to learn about it for the first time.

@hilarski - I have gotten to that point too. It's a lot to explain over & over. It gets tiring. Thanks for the resource, I am definitely going to use it from now on.

Thanks for the post I love Cryptos

Ha ha Raaaaandy this is totally magic post :D And I am stealing your answer for my own use haha. Love it @hilarski. 100% upvote

It's also a giant 'fuck you' to the money-makers and the centralization of our financial and social instruments! :) :) :)

Yup, definitely using that site. My friends have enough trouble understanding the stock market, let alone bitcoin.

I feel lucky to have bought some when it was $1200 and I tried to get my parents to buy some too....... but they said that it actually had no value and I could not convince him that the actual US dollar has questionable value.

Bitcoin is magic. Because of him nowadays I can work from home :)

I love you bitcoin!!!

Great post! I have a hard time explaining this stuff to people - I want to dive into the details and end up generating more questions than answers! As a relative newbie to cryptocurrencies I'm super excited to talk about this stuff to others!

Internet money is a funny way of putting it.

Love it. I feel the same way. thank you for posting

Are you sure? Is it a scam. How can we get some? Hah.

My explanation of Bitcoin to people is "Digital Money"
They say: What?
I say: Never mind
I say: Check this you will understand

Well said. If they really want to know they can do the research. Youtube is also magic, it has answers for all who want to know lol.

Also, is a friend, because is Bitcoin a scam? No, its a computer protocol. There are scammers around trying to get your bitcoin, but they only prove that bitcoin has value. So do your research and you'll be OK.

Great article, I have felt the same way many times.

Speaking of magic money. Stellar is offering free lumen tokens to bitcoin holders. They're just distributing it to addresses based on the blockchain, it is part of their business plan. Do not miss it ! I mean, whether you like Stellar or not, it is free money !


I have a hard time trusting the founder of Mt. Gox and Ripple.


What are your concerns on Ripple ? I'd like to hear more about that.

David Blaine Coin!

Love bitcoin! What's there to understand? It's the new future! The sooner you realize it the better!

And again.. thanks for sharing! :-D great stuff, not only helps me understanding all of this a bit more, also helps me explain others "what the hell I am doing with my money" such as... my girlfriend xD

Yes magic money indeed, check out the great documentary film with roger ver "magic money"

Hii @hilarski i saw you post and i enjoyed reading it, could you please have a look on my daily analysis for Bitcoin and give me your opinion.

Well indeed it is magic money... and hope its future will be good ( already seems bright though )..but cyber crimes are magical too and should not be ignored.

Great post man, gave you an upvote and a follow.

Bookmarked thanks.

People tell me , if I can't hold it in my hand it's fairy dust. Then I try to explain how they can get the fiat and they can't seem to get it so I just stop there.


hahaha.even me most people used to inbox me on my whatsapp account to explain to them about bitcoin.i decided to create a strategy such that ,i created a post and decided to copy paste to their inbox

People are speculating that the price of BTC will fall dramatically. I don't know how true it is but if it happens I'm going to be buying a lot of BTC.

Great post...good luck for you.

Yes, it is great to know people are making very good money with crypto's, I will take a look at the linked page, might be useful.

lo revisare!! lol

@hilarski how long have you been in Bitcoin?


Almost 4 years


Nice. Me too just about.

Absolute agree crypto is magic

yes bitcoin bitcoin and bitcoin only
Post Link:

hahaha I like your definition! :)

It's such a waste of time to try and explain things individually to people.. Such an easier method to send them to an info site lol!

You can check out @ENAZWAHSDARB for the best Entrepreneurial content! If you appreciate what you see, you can leave a follow! :)

Bitcoin, a very amazing invention. Explaining to people, not always the easiest. To everyone it has a different meaning, idea, or concept. Some times there is not one single right answer but a combination of a few.

From this magic thing I pay my rent for 5 months

Yes we know but explosed

Thanks for the info, Randy!