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JPMorgan Chase chief executive Jamie Dimon doubled down on his past criticisms of bitcoin today, declaring it a "fraud" and saying he would fire any trader known to be trading the cryptocurrency.

Dimon gave the remarks during an appearance at an event hosted by Barclays, according to reports from Bloomberg and CNBC. A long-time critic of bitcoin – he said that the cryptocurrency "will not survive" back in November 2015 when the price was fluctuating around the $400 level – Dimon aimed his remarks at the activity in the world's cryptocurrency markets and echoed those who've said that they're in bubble territory.

He was quoted as saying:

"It's worse than tulip bulbs. It won't end well. Someone is going to get killed."

It was also during that appearance that said that he would terminate any trader that he found to be trading bitcoin for being "stupid".

Thank you @bycompoundfilms for this amazing work. Shared all over social.

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Way to go @bycompoundfilms. On the way to be a legend.

Bitcoin news! Thanks for sharing

He also said "it would not work" back in 2015...its worked very well at growing my net worth since then.

Great update of btc news.

For your post propagation.

That's the best answer ever to his nonsense

lol! nice find!

Bitcoin can not be compared to other coins.
have great day.
100% like and resteem

Exultant bitcoin news.
In the future, BTC is very high.

Jamie Dimon is likely stockpiling Bitcoin.

There are only so many coins in the wild, and if Mr. Dimon can convince people to give theirs away, it makes it all the easier for him to buy more.

It's a rather transparent play, but it works every time.

thanks for sharing, its funny video!

Funny that just last week as Bitcoin was hitting the $4k mark there was financial news that billions of dollars had left the traditional markets for the cryptocurrency markets. When you're desperate you will do whatever you can to justify your apathy.

If bitcoin was nothing would Dimon attack it over the course of two years?

Dimon's attacks prove that he and his bankster buddies all know what is going on and how the blockchain/crypto eliminates the need for them as the "trusted" third party.

are they getting desperate

Thanks for sharing. useful video.

I think bitcoin will cross to 5000$ mark in October.


fantastic song of bitcoin

The Monetary Slavery System Visually Explained

Watch the video of his inane remarks... Listen closely to his words... The dude has had at least 5 martinis... He's a drunk, at best and a complete fool... Two of the top requirements to be a ceo... :D

Very useful and funny video, bitcoin is talking now, sorry mr JPMorgan

Meanwhile he is hording it. I do not believe a word he says. He just want, that everyone take big loan in his bank of course in Dollars. He is just to "BIG" to be so wrong about an asset.

For those of you who don't quite get the subject. Jamie Dimon, the CO of JP Morgan has just called bitcoin a "fraud" causing the price of bitcoin to fall. But make no mistake, he just wants bitcoin for cheap. How do I know this? because JP Morgan is a funder of blockchain tech and is even a part of the ETHEREUM enterprise alliance. So if Bitcoin is a fraud then that would mean everything involving a blockchain is a fraud, including ethereum, which they are heavily involved in.


RandyHilarski Randy Hilarski tweeted @ 14 Sep 2017 - 00:27 UTC

#Bitcoin Fires Back At #JPMorgan Calling Him A Fraud.
#JamieDimon 😂😂😂😂😂… /

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Jamie Dimeon is the definition of a BITCH

He is an idiot.

Bitcoin is limited, tulip was not.

Bitcoin has the power to really screw with people like that so of course they are scared. They want to create fear but we don't have to let them.


So true. I mean, of course bankers will hate bitcoin. But those who know and understand Cryptocurrency and blockchain aren't going ANYWHERE! He's just mad his criminal bank is losing money!

For those that have fear for the future should use this kind of offensive: Attack everything that don't have in hands, that cannot smell, that can no filling.
He's an paradoxical man that do what supose to do: Attack the cryptocurrency system.

nice funny video,very good post

Every time there is something new that threatens the status quo, someone will be there to talk crap about it.

@hilarski - Sir, I think he is out of his mind. Probably he drunk too much Sir. Love your work. Therefore, I wish to ReSteem your post.

+W+ [UpVoted & ReSteemed]

My personal view about JP Morgan is, he is a "duech bag" :D If he says BTC is a fraud, all banking systems are frauds and running on ponzi schemes! Just take a close look how bank function you can understand it!
Therefore, this is look like a thieve is calling others as thieves while he is still steal others funds or a scammer calls others as scammers while scamming our funds!
So, just forget what this "duech bag" said! I hope BTC will give him an a$$ kick sooner by finding a new peak!

Cheers and thank you very much for sharing such useful information with us!

Dimon is part of the deep state and needs people to walk away from Bitcoin to fit it's agenda and the mean time he might be holding quite a bit of it.

It is a world market of smart people, so one tweet may blow it's glorious existence. Thanks for sharing, have a great day friend happy steeming.

bitcoin isn't a scam but Genesis mining is

"It's worse than tulip bulbs. It won't end well. Someone is going to get killed."

You mean your bank will get killed when everyone pulls their money out and puts it into Bitcoin.

A talking bitcoin giving a statement to the press. 👍Cracking up!!! And 35 dollar overdraft fee at banks is the real fraud. 👎

this is hilarious, thanks for sharing ;-)

hahah the poster says it all

Very interesting video. Thanks for sharing.

JP Morgan is feeling it lol.

@hilarski The online market place is a wonderful industry for truth of the matter and lies. Now it is actually quite challenging to acknowledge where by the reality is.

Great video:)
Thank you for sharing!

hahah what goes around come back around ;)

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His bank is already into silver price manipulation, might as well expand into Bitcoin

This down move is planned - rigged

dont know how long will it last.

I guess they would fail again...

Bitcoin will rise again for sure !!!

New ATH !

amigo #resteemia at your service

just ignore him, he has a lot of btc & willing to buy more. he needs a price drop. nice post @hilarski

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