Bitcoin Arrives on The Block with the CBOE - Hysterical!

in bitcoin •  last year

The CBOE Website Can't Handle the Traffic.

Thank you @JimBTC for putting together another great Bitcoin piece!

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hahaha very funny :)

"The CBOE Website Can't Handle the Traffic."
Then as you said this is the future! Great update friend! Hope BTC will made the history again here!


i know that bitcoin will go upsoon and it will have a sudden fall as well that is what i am expecting for now


A masterpiece in Bitcoin's meme history. Someone should send this to Jamie Demon, in particular the part that goes "You are locked in here with me!" haha

it has a spike of 1500$ in 10 mins and -500$ in another 5 mins, but now , since this morning it is flat

Great video!

Great video!

@hilarski hahah great way to start the morning, followed

Excellent video and even if you can not process the traffic, it will soon be fine and Bitcoin will contribute to this! Thank you @hilarski

I think BTC will test new ATH before Christmas

haha, the video is so hilarious, it represent the power of bitcoin, bitcoin is surely the future and it will keep growing, to me it's almost impossible now to stop it's growth.

hey friend @hilarski ,,,
really , interesting video. i all time support bitcoin and bitcoin price high growing day by day...
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nice to see ur video but i dont believe btc up down its really like a boom its better for long term not for trade this time @hilarski

really learning & helpfull video..

i watch this video, it is profitable for me . nice sharing @hilarski . i want to share this post @hilarski

nice vedio explain bitcoin.

The CBOE Website Can't Handle the Traffic.
Excellent post.nice history of btc .thanks for sharing
Have a great day

thanks for your informative post

Thanx you so much dear #hilarski BTC JUST TOP UP NOW BTC PRICE 16,285 ,

#Nice video dear @hilarski & thanx you so much for sharing .

Very interesting video... i enjoyed it's.... I have a lot to learn on post. bitcoin winnnnnn......thanks for sharing.
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i think after bitcoin reaches its full potential..... people will start shifting to low cap alt coins and i think they will go fr currencies like dash zcash other than developer platform currencies making these currencies gud long term investments... better switch b4 dis happens

that's a great one.. thank you @hilarski for sharing this video with us..
and appreciates the work done by @JimBTC

Wow...winderful video with smart idea...
Thank you so much @hilarski sir for sharing this post with us...
I think btc can change world economy...

Again up trend roll-coaster will start soon. BTC is unbeatable. Nice video ;)

Eternal humorist and bitcoinist @hilarski

That is crazy speed

"You are locked in here with me!!"
Yes, BTC is here to stay and will take over the reign..

Bow down and accept your faith!!

Thank you for the update my friend
Good videO
Information is alarming mean to say important

Finally BTC win. Bitcoin always upstairs.

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Great informative post, good to see your post sir @hilarski

Omg....awesome video sharing @hilarski. Bitcoin man attacked CBOE. Lol...
That would be great news.

we are glad to informed about bitcoin.

what a nice nice VIdeooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks for shere @hilarski

hahah great thing about to begin lets the crypto war begin ;)

Bitcoin Will Make History..
Next step 25,000$...

@hilarski - Sir this nice video explained everything top to bottom... Fantastic news Sir... BTC is the BOSS <3

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I like your post..great Bitcoin piece!.! thanks sir

Wow friend,beautifuly excusition about the supremacy of bitcoin in the world. As bitcoin expression none of you lock here me. Great, thanks for sharing such a beautiful video.

Hello @hilarski,

Extraordinary good video & nice BTC update from you like you did always. Nice post.


Nice explained video @hilarski. I think BTC will growth in future.
Fantastic news update.

stunning video to explained the situation at cboe. nice post & very innovative article @hilarski


Interesting read, good content and quite informative. Thanks.

Thanks again for important news.

Really hilarious :)

I already saw this on twitter today, it's hilarious! Thank you Wall Street for the gift you didn't want to make, Bitcoin futures are the portal into the next dimension of Bitcoin's future :) Welcome to the new world!

Ha ha ha .... Sounds good

Do you think this will pump the Bitcoin price (even more) ? I know it had a big growth lately and if you look at the graph it is easy to compare Bitcoin's growth with an exponential function, but can it still go up?

Bitcoin was most popular futures launch to date? Sure seems that way. The CBOE website can't handle the traffic. Looks like futures already traded to $18,000+.

Congratulations @hilarski

Exceptional video which described the current situation at CBOE. BTC rockz there...!!!

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The bitcoin is a giant truck and to me CBOE is a subway not a motorway or highway so that is expected to happen.

hahah this has to happen for sure

That is a very sad news. BTC is now like an electronic fiat, they will probably manipulate the price shortning it eachtime they wants to extract some money from the coinholders.

No one can beat BTC. We have faith on it & it never let us down. Nice post with excellent funny video :)

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Great video! Thank you for sharing! This is my first day on steemit. I am very excited! Positive energy and love to all! Great Karma! Please follow, upvote and spread the love! As I will do the same. Wishing everyone the best of health and happiness! :)

Hahaha nobody can handle monstrous traffic