Forget the BITCOIN bubble, everyone one making good for themselves in trading from bitcoin and other alt coins.steemCreated with Sketch.

in bitcoin •  2 years ago 

Hi, Fellow Steemians.

So I've been searching the internet and i found that there are two types of people,

  1. Those who watch videos on youtube and get afraid of the bitcoin bubble and never invest in cryptocurrencies.

  2. Then there are those who listen to everyone's opinion and make their own decision after extensive research and
    of different digital currencies and invest in it ( the option they get " digital currencies like etherium, litecoin, dogecoin
    etc " after extensive analysis ).

I've always been in the first category of people mentioned above, but now i want to change my way of thinking, i should not be afraid of the bubble, i should consider it but i should not be afraid of the BUBBLE.

I know there are lots of people like me out there, who wants to invest in cryptocurrencies but they are affraid of the bubble.

It's time we change the setup and start making money.ver-economic-code-bitcoin-cash-story.jpg

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Yeah I was afraid of the bubble too and now I'm regretting it. When bitcoin reached 10,000 I was sure it would correct or at least consolidate and that it was too late to make an investment. Then it went up. All the way to 19,000 I was thinking the same thing. Oops.