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Hy all,please just pardon me to introduce a project called MeVu platform

meVu.bet ("meVu") is a decentralized distributed gaming application that will enable players to test their aptitudes and contend separately or in pooled recreations. meVu enables players to make custom social wagers or wagers anticipating the results of prominent wearing occasions, including yet not restricted to: European and American Football, Baseball, Hockey, Basketball, MMA and Boxing. meVu is developing in the internet wagering space by encouraging rivalry between players, testing their ability and information against other individuals, not an anonymous clubhouse or bookie.

Mevu utilizes keen contracts on the Ethereum blockchain to changelessly and straightforwardly store players assets and data, giving players certainty that their wagers will be executed safely and rapidly.

Players can set their own particular chances, and wager on for all intents and purposes anything. By cutting expenses of customary games books, and outsiders, Mevu players appreciate a verifiably low 2% charge.

Problems of Traditional Centralizes Sports Books

Legitimized and managed sports books appreciate advertising in standard channels; be that as it may, keeping in mind the end goal to do as such, sports books need to get costly licenses in each locale they work in. In spite of paying for these licenses, controls still forbid organizations from numerous types of showcasing in the USA, Canada, and Asia. These licenses have a tendency to have a negative notoriety and don't motivate much trust as there are different instances of games books treating their players inadequately and failing to pay out the rewards. 41% of Americans say they've won a wager that is gone unpaid.

Another destruction to conventional games books is that the underlying capital required to help client wagers is restrictively high. The prescribed least is to have no under $300,000 with 1 million being the benchmark, and a more secure gauge so as to help wagers appropriately.

These costs cause sports books to charge high expenses, regularly somewhere in the range of ten and fifteen percent, with a specific end goal to produce a benefit. Then again, organizations open of shore online games books which work in a lawful hazy area, however the US government is infamous for arraigning these sorts of ventures.

In synopsis, there are numerous operational, authorizing and forthright expenses to beginning a games book. Customers are charged high expenses to compensate for these expenses and are additionally compelled to manage outsider establishments who have hold up times and charges of their own while recovering rewards. Clients are likewise compelled to confide in these outsider organizations with their data and assets.

The larger part of these games books exist in a lawful "dim" territory keeping in mind the end goal to work and take advantage of extensive wagering markets, i.e., USA, Canada, Asia. Players and the tasks both risk losing their assets because of administrative repercussion, security vulnerabilities or misuse of character and data. Regardless of these issues, the internet betting business sector, both managed and unregulated, is evaluated to be worth something like a trillion dollars for every year.

The Solution

meVu is a distributed, decentralized application that matches players who consent to chances on a wager. These wagers can be focused on a wearing occasion or clients can make custom wagers on anything with two conceivable results. Running on the Ethereum Virtual Machine, meVu's open-source shrewd contract makes an anchored escrow that is freely see capable.

This enables players to take after their Ethereum digital money "ETH" all through each progression of the wagering procedure. Making true serenity that once the victor is resolved the Ether will be paid out rapidly, safely and consequently. All assets are held inside an agreement on the blockchain and no individual, organization or government can meddle with the payout. meVu for all intents and purposes wipes out the danger of hacking and administrative obstruction as there is no single purpose of disappointment in a blockchain arrange.
By clearing payouts on Ethereum, meVu can cut the holding up times of conventional games books while diminishing charges from 10 percent to as low as 2 percent since it is never prepared by a bank or any outsider foundation.

Our stage sets individuals to contend with each other, expelling the requirement for meVu to finance and back wagers. Debate between players on bolstered sports diversions are sent to Oracles who are boosted to achieve goals through accord. Besides, notoriety frameworks and leaderboards encourage the soul of rivalry and stop malignant conduct.

Vision of MeVu

meVu means to wind up the most loved worldwide stage made solely for players to wager anything, whenever against anybody. We imagine a period when a typical expression could be "Allows meVu wager!" meVu will at first spotlight on custom/social and game straight on wagers, yet will rapidly extend to include multi-wagers in which various players can take the reciprocal position against a solitary bigger wager.
meVu will include selective highlights for our token holders to take part in pooled wagers on sports amusements and provably reasonable gambling club style recreations in which they utilize the MVU token to play. At long last our API is now being developed, permitting existing sportsbook/e-sports betting destinations to utilize our agreements.

The meVu mark is centered around taking wagering back to its nuts and bolts, between individuals, the manner in which it was intended to be. Putting control and power back in the player's hands, we need to cultivate rivalry with worldwide leaderboards while increasing the excite and fervor of wagering against different players instead of game bookies.

Advance Features of MeVu

meVu will persistently hope to enhance the stage while adhering to our key model and vision. Including the capacity for a client to have the capacity to message their adversaries will be a need. Visit encourages more rivalry through chat while adding adaptability by enabling players to arrange better chances for a wager. A rematch and test choice will be actualized alongside the visit addon as it effortlessly enables clients to persistently go up against a confided in adversary and twofold down on their wagers.

To take into consideration greater adaptability and control the element to "quit" of a wager before Oracle revealing period will be actualized. A player will have the alternative to send a dropping solicitation, and if the adversary acknowledges, the agreement will end up void. The client who asked for the wiping out would pay the "gas" exchange cost.

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  2. Blockchainff: http://www.blockchainff.com/
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  5. Plainsight: https://www.plainsight.agency/
  6. Blockstake https://www.blockstake.io/

Token Deals:

Total: Supply======105,000,000 MVU
Tokens for sale====== 60,000,000 MVU
Price in ICO: 1 MVU ===== 0.34 USD
Min. investment: =======10 USD
Accepting=========== ETH
Softcap=========== 2,000,000 USD
Hardcap===========15,300,000 USD

there are much more to be benefited from #MeVu #ventures, please use the trusted sites below to get connected to the team members[https://mevu.bet/#team] including how to purchase your tokens(https://mevu.bet/ico) and Roadmap, don't worry just click any of the links for full verification and doubt free:

Webite: https://www.mevu.bet/
Whitepaper: https://www.mevu.bet/#whitepaper
Ann thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2717747.0
Bounty thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4966397.0
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mevu_bet/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/betmevu/
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