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Last chance to be a partner of the eFIN exchange.

Almost 20K users already registered for free and got 1000 eFIN coins for free. eFin coin is a new coin that the tokenpay team developed for the eFin exchange, it has its own blockchain and it will be used for trading on the eFIN exchange.
There will not be an ICO going on, instead the developers chosed to give the users the opportunity to become partners of the exchange and earn eFIN coins.
The price for a partner level is 295 euros for one year,but only for the first 5000 users and the benefits are no trading fees, free airdrops of coins being listed and much more.

If anybody wants to sign up for the partner level and are using my referral link, they will get a 100.000 efincoins and i will also get a 100.000 efincoins and to make that a fair deal I will split those 100.000 coins that I get 50/50 with my referral.

Don't miss this opportunity to become a partner of a decentralized exchange guys!

Here is my referral link



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