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the short term future will be interesting.

you must be a fortune teller. btc dropping like hell

I actually flipped some of my BTC into ETH shortly after the segwit news. The position is positive, but thought it would be much better than it is. It's given back a good chunk the past couple hours, but I'm probably staying with it as long as I'm in the green, give it a chance for a larger push.


I didn't add or take away. Sticking with my long term plan - waiting for a death cross to significantly reduce my position.


That is a very smart and low labor intensive way to approach it.

Agreed... btc dominance 40% by May..


Gut feeling, or do you have some insight?

Admirable post

Great analysis and update as always !
I agree with you BTC is in for a strong correction. I am shorting since 7200$ and I am enjoying it so far :).
My question is: "Would it continue to bring the rest of the market down as it falls lower and lower?".