You Won't Believe How MUCH Has Changed!

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5 years ago in Crypto History:


  • BTC price: $631
  • Litecoin price: $17.35
  • XRP (always the bridesmaid, never the bride) price: $0.01
  • AuroraCoin price: $9.79
  • SpainCoin price: $3.02
  • Peercoin (HONORABLE MENTION) price: $3.21

Bitcoin- The first Proof of work cryptocurrency
Litecoin- proof of work cryptocurrency
XRP- Not mineable, all coins already created, payment network designed to bridge worldwide currencies.
AuroraCoin- Cryptocurrency designed specifically for citizens of Iceland
SpainCoin- Mineable cryptocurrency that is now inactive
Peercoin- Uses a modified proof of stake consensus as a security model

Let’s set the stage shall we?

The top coins according to market cap 5 years ago consisted of decentralized networks that were aiming to disrupt how money can work.
Looking back on the year of 2014 we see that it began with one Bitcoin exchange called Mt. Gox come to a fiery end after having lost something like 850,000 Bitcoins.
At that time, that amount of BTC was 7% of the total Bitcoin in circulation.
Talk about centralization.
What have we learned from this one? It seems not much, but at least new solutions are being built and tested, looking at you decentralized exchanges and atomic swaps.

It’s also worth it to note that in October of 2013 the Silk Road was shut down, with Ross Ulbricht AKA Dread Pirate Roberts and Bitcoin being at the center of that mess.

2014 was a year of Bitcoin fighting bad press, trying to recover from one of its most popular exchanges from going under and just an overall uncertainty of its future (at least that was the story from mainstream media…)

2014 was also the year when venture capitalists began taking note and investing in Bitcoin related companies and services with VC investments totally $98M that year. As of 2018, that number has now reached over $3.9B.


This was the year where a shift began to change from pure investment speculation to merchant adoption and acceptance as a form of payment.
In 2014 that number was around 3,000 merchants. Only two years later that number would grow to over 100,000 merchants accepting Bitcoin. As for that number today, I couldn’t find an official count. If anyone here knows this number in regards to the year 2018 or 2019, please share it in the comments down below!

Also, Bitcoin ATMs began sprouting up as well as meetups and conferences.

Bitcoin was beginning to take root in the physical world.

How has this space changed over the past 5 years?

  • The explosion of independent news sources found on Youtube, Steemit, BitTube, Twitter and more.
  • An onslaught of new applications of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies that are flipping the script of revenue models for a number of other industries like social media, farming, and shipping to name a few.
  • We are still disrupting the banks and still learning how to maintain privacy and security at scale.
  • We have second and third generation blockchains that have taken the ideas presented to us thanks to Satoshi Nakamoto and are building on them, experimenting with what can be done, pushing the limits and learning from mistakes made.

Still think Bitcoin and this world of cryptocurrencies is dead?

With all due respect, I think it’s time that you break free from that cyclical mindset and try to see the bigger picture.
We are still here. There is still a long way to go but so far time has done nothing but prove that the existence of decentralized networks, immutable ledgers, peer to peer transactions are a thing of beauty and something that every single person can benefit from.

What do you think is in store for us in the next 5 years? What innovations are being built today that have caught your attention? Leave them in the comments down below.

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In april 2013 I read a small news article in an online news paper, with something that went up in price very fast, it was Bitcoin.

The same day I researched everything I could about Bitcoin, read the whitepaper and didnt sleep for 2 days, because I just knew that this would change the world.

Then from that day till the next I spend all my time and money on Bitcoins and alt coins. I didnt have a job at the time, so I had alot of time. I bought my first bitcoins in that same month, april 2013, for about $50 pr Bi tcoin.

At the time I lived with a girl as roommates and I tried to convince her about Bitcoin, but failed, so we shared the same living space, but was kindof living in two different worlds.

I wanted to know everything about most alt coins... and I invested in all kinds of shady things.. in 2014 I had more money then ever in my life, so I took my small son on a vacation to Greece and I went to Brazil to meet a girl I had been in love with for some time... I also did other crazy things with my money and I spend it all in 2014! So stupid, because I knew that it would be millions just years after, I was really not thinking streght and I had no RL friends that understood anything about what I was doing, that didnt help me to keep my cools. I then began to work again and got a little back in the game in 2015.. but some crazy stuff happened with some big company not paying me for months, so I lost all my money and moved till where I live now in summer 2016. So I came on steemit with 0 money to invest!!

Today I got my steem wallet and about $170/pr day in income, so the future looks a lot better now then in 2016.

Oh boy, had I just kept the Bitcoins I had in 2013 till today, then I would be able to buy one of the nicest apartment in Copenhagen today, and I knew, so how stupid have been? A lot of stupid.

But I know everything works fast in crypto land, so I am very positive about the future, especially with my current income.


Lasse :)

@heiditravels what were you doing 5 years ago??? How the crypto has changed your life???

The next five years, perhaps most people uses cryptocurrency as there means of payment plus a whole kind of Chain will introduce. Steem is still here competing with other new blockchain.

I am so curious how the space will develope. There are so many nice projects like EOS, ICON and Wanchain... or NEO and and and. Lets see!

Yep, 5 years ago I was still mining Litecoin at some scale. Good times.

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I have only been in the space since mid 2017 and it’s so hard to keep up with everything but also exiting. Looking forward to my first 5 years

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It will take over - but the corporate system still controls the backbone of the internet. But i am still bullish for dash and steem!

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