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Hell Yeah, Steem is the best blockchain in my humble opinion. @heiditravels

Great video!!! (as usual).
It will be great to see some data about the failed and successful ICO from the last couple of years...and see some numbers.

Get in contact with my GF and take her into crypto haha! To little girls in the crypto space! +1 upvote :D interesting video :)!


I’m going to ignore the fact that you just referenced to me as a “little girl”...


SMH.... this guy... but seriously can you shoot me a address so I can send you some @EdgeApp Swag ..... It looks to me like you are a small in shirts, and I have a few left!!....


Little girl. That's funny. Idiot has no clue. You're a frikin awesome, full grown, independent woman from what I've seen, and a role model for many to follow. Bravo! I thoroughly enjoyed having a nice walk with you down the stairs to the beach.
Keep up the great work.

@heiditravels Thank you, that's a very thoughtful and refreshing perspective!

Adding on to what you've already said, that fact (that only 36% of top cryptos have a working product) does not affect the direction the blockchain technology is heading in. It is still headed towards mass adoption, eventually. The only question is when. And perhaps it may just be delayed by one or at the most, a few years, but the end point will nonetheless be reached.

P.S. Enjoyed the beautiful background scenery and hope you enjoyed the beach! (:


True block chain adoption is happening with many projects but interesting point to note - The impact on crypto financial market seems to be different

@heiditravels, In my opinion, as we know that Crypto Sphere is in infant stage and for sure we will going to see less productive projects.

And in my opinion most of the projects entered into the market without sufficient use case that's why faced the huge setbacks.

No matter what the prices, but Steem proved it's worth and running ahead, and now just we have to remove the domination of Bitcoin because we need Bitcoin as leader but not as dominator.

So let's hope that soon we will see the needed Expansion because at this moment we are watching domination and influence.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂


Yeah you would think Dash would have made the cut huh?


I totally agree, it should’ve been added. But the article explained they left it out bc of the delay of Evolution. Pretty lame.

I am a big NEO fan also, NEO and STEEM are my hodl coins

Heidi, you do not consider EOS to be a working product?


Heidi, you do not
Consider EOS to be
A working product?

                 - maurice1975

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


I did not write the article to which I was referring in this video. You’ll have to take it up with the author, DASH also didn’t make the cut and it’s been fully functioning for YEARS.

Delighted to see my favourite privacy coin @PIVX among the 36% of top 100 coins with a working product.

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Hello sis @heiditravels, I know this is not the best place to put this but am grateful for your gift. Thank you for being kind, I am grateful.

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