How to Buy Bitcoin with Your Local Fiat Currency (Plus an Awesome Guide for Many Crypto Wallets)

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As the crypto space grows, so does the information you can find about it.

For many years, those who could see the real potential of Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchain tech, the innovators who were interested in learning more about this space were more or less left to their own devices in regards to figuring out how to purchase and store their cryptocurrencies safely.
Now, after 8 years, there are resources available that allow you to easily find valuable information, especially for newcomers to this space.

So here are some great websites that I’ve found that will help when it comes to purchasing your first bitcoin or cryptocurrencies and how to store them.

I first want to show you how to find an exchange that allows you to purchase bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies with your local fiat currency.

This one is called Buy Bitcoin Worldwide. you can search for your country and then select the payment method that you’d like to use to purchase your Bitcoin.

Options include:

  • Bank transfer
  • Cash
  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • M-Pesa
  • PayPal
  • Swift
  • Many other options.
    Once you find an exchange that facilitates these options you’ll get the chance to review which exchange best fits your needs in regards to ease of use, privacy, speed, fees, reputation and limits. Within this criteria I myself would value privacy and reputation highest, but again, that’s just me. For those who are brand new to this technology I’m sure ease of use would also be high up on your list.
    It’s also worth noting that if you are purchasing with a debit, credit card, or bank transfer, it’s safe to say that your “privacy” or anonymity is essentially compromised.

Now that you’ve successfully purchased your first bitcoin, I hope that you’d want to keep that puppy safe, or any cryptocurrency for that matter.

Most likely, you’ve purchased this bitcoin on an exchange.

Here’s a tip on exchanges:

They are designed for individuals who want to exchange cryptos at a fairly rapid rate. They are not designed for secure storage of your investments.
I’ve published a few videos that explain why this is so if your interested in learning more on that go ahead and check out the link up above in the corner. In the meantime here’s a great guide you can use when it comes to downloading and accessing wallets for your cryptos

There are a couple different types of wallets you can use to store your cryptos, I’ve also published a video that spotlights these categories and how you can decided which option is best for you. I suggest watching that video if you aren’t sure which type of wallet will best suit your needs.

Once you’ve decided which type of wallet is best for you, I found a really helpful website called Coin Wallet Guide that gives you tutorials on over 50 different wallets.

They cover desktop wallets, multi-currency wallets, online or “hot” wallets, paper wallets and mobile wallets, which as a side note are great for spending your cryptos at physical stores, but again I do not reccommend using mobile wallets as long term storage for any amount of crypto that you don’t want to lose.
These tutorials show you how to find these wallets, how to download them, they walk you through the setup process, and how to use the wallets.
So if you’re ready to take your valuable crypto investment off of the exchanges and onto a wallet that is designed for safer keeping, this site is great. If you’re looking for a guide on how to set up a hardware wallet called the Ledger, check out my past video for that in depth tutorial.

Additional Reading/Sources:

Buy Bitcoin Worldwide Website
Coin Wallet Guide Website
Video that Explains Vulnerabilities of Popular Exchanges
Video that Explains Wallet Options
Video Tutorial for Ledger Nano S


I have this feeling like if I could just easily convert all the little pennies and dimes I have laying around the house into crypto that I'd have enough money by now to not be the sort of person that has pennies and dimes laying around the house.

Well, your feeling is about to become a reality next year. This startup ICO is a game-changer! They are planing to integrate Visa and MasterCard into their own cryptocurrency bank.

The token distribution will last until January next year but in order to avail of the coin bonus, you will have to buy it as early as possible because the bonus percentage is diminishing by the passage of time.

Key features of this coin are as follow:

  • Tor Network Integration
  • Ring Signature
  • Multi-Signature
  • Zero-Knowledge Proof
  • Dual-Key Stealth Address

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Will check it out thanks @introvertspeaks

I would be really careful with this ICO, my SCAM-alarm is ringing.

YW! You shouldn't miss out this very innovative coin. This is going to be the next big thing in the crypto space.

@heiditravels Thanks for spending your time to educate everyone!
I really appreciate your thorough explanations and have made links on my blog regarding your posts.

Please have a look at:

I believe us Steemians are not here to compete or anything, but to work together as a proper decentralised community that Steemit has provided =]
Together sky is the limit!!

I find your articles very useful and have already referred a lot of my local friends to check out!

Please guide me as I'm still new here.
Give me some feedback about my blog please.

Thanks again for your time and what you do.


:-) nice idea to put all the pennys into crypto ... then I wouldn't have to carry this heavy coins with me ... and I would have a smaller purse (what's better for my pocket)

I have this feeling like if I could just easily convert all the little pennies and dimes I have laying around the house into crypto that I'd have enough money by now to be the sort of person that has nickles and quarters laying around the house.

That takes some nuts & patience.

One good thing to mention. Watch out for fake wallets that steal your coins.

That's a great guide!

Great content for people just getting in

Indeed, i joined today without having any esperience with cryptocurrencies. I have a lot of reading to do XD

keep reading, and then read some more. This technology rapidly progresses. Best luck.

Thanks for sharing

very powerful @heiditravels...but i have a question, can you also share about how to sell bitcoin and cryptos for fiat from the best exchanges and lowest fees? sometimes it is easy to buy bitcoin but not so easy to get out of it..thx

Thanks for sharing.

thank u for info, u got new fan here

Woohoo! Glad you found this helpful :)

Awesome job @heiditravels I love that your helping the community.. Resteemed for ya ;D must not be left out. It enables anyone to buy or sell in any local currency. is included as an option in the website that I featured in this post :) You should check it out!

Yeah .. checked ...

Great post, thanks for the tips @heiditravels

thanx @heiditravels ...very useful information...this website showing best exchanges for all around the world...just type your country name it show the list of exchanges and you can easily buy bitcoin ..

muy buen aporte sobre todo para la gente q esta comenzando en este mundo de la criptomoneda exelente espero q sigas asi. grax me me sirvio a mi y creo q le servira a muchos

Wow, it is that easy. Thanks for the information, I will stop paying someone to help me do it again with what you said i can do it myself. This is awesome, you just saved me extra cash. Thanks

Thank you for this guide. Will help many new users!

Another great source of knowledge and learning fun is those guys over at the bad crypto podcast! I'm hooked!

Heidi is doing a great job in educating the public about Cryptocurrency and blockchain. She explains complex matters in a very simple way that can be understood easily.

That is a really good content , especially for people who are new in a bitcoin or cryptocurrency world.
But I am worried about transactions, it is taking to much time since the transactions are being done. since to many transactions are being done, bitcoin already went viral, what will be the future of bitcoin and how it can improve this transactions issue?

Welcome to the Bitcoin Debate ;)

yeah , i think this automatically means that there are less machines so the number of algorithms to overcome are to much, so more machines should be used, but the machines that already are being used are consuming more than 50% of all our globe, FACT!

Very insightful

Good stuff. This will be useful for the waves of people entering the market . I see 2018 being the year of the crypto rush that has already started.

Really good content - helps alot for a crypto noob 😍👌😅

I just found a very good option to buy bitcoins following your instructions, Thanks!

i think after bitcoin reaches its full potential..... people will start shifting to low cap alt coins and i think they will go fr currencies like dash zcash other than developer platform currencies making these currencies gud long term investments... better switch b4 dis happens

Some great advice I heard is write down your wallet passwords and seeds in a book at home. That way whatever happens to your computer you are safe.

Thank you for your information. It's really difficult to find a secure way get coins.

Hmm - I've been hoping to find an exchange that does PayPal, that way I can sort of pretend I'm not actually investing that much! Thanks for the advice... Buy Bitcoin Worldwide - will check it out!

This is a great article.I like the part that exchanges are not storage of cryptocoins.Most people should realize that because over time we can never tell how long they will exist due to 'hacking'.

cryptoproselytism, Jesus approves.

Bitcoin is the best thing that ever happened for the people with in the finance sector, only problem is someone needs to make the purchasing, storing and transferring much more easier to use so majority of people can use it. This is a major reason why people are turned off the coin. way to complex for the average joe.

woooow dis is really good

I think anyone who are new in this buying thing for bitcoins should scout first in their own country any available exchanges, that will lessen the possibility about the issue of safety, atleast local exchanges are more or less regulated by any governing bodies in their country. The buying person could easily contest about any issues in buying if there is a tangible office location for the exchanges.

If you're new to the crypto world, like me, you'll want to check out @heiditravels youtube channel, Crypto Tips. Really good find.

Was wondering what are your tips to converting back into fiat currency?

Oh awesome! I didn't know about all of these sites. I have just been using Bittrex and Coinbase. Great to always know other sites to buy from. Do you think it is safe to keep your coins in Coinbase? I have also heard that some people just keep theirs on an USB. Is that another good alternative?

Also, I love how you are always talking about kypto in beautiful places!

Very informative. Thanks for sharing.
I waiting your next content.

Are you timing me? ;) Glad you appreciate the content.

Friends, your posts are good. So I look forward to any good post.

Awesome video, I get asked this question ALL the time. People need this information.

very useful tip @heiditravels
you the best. nice tips and video tutorials for cryptos

Wow! Thank you for sharing this, Heidi. It really is helpful. As a newbie, I still have a lot to learn regarding bitcoin/cryptocurrency/trading. Your post helped me choose what wallet I need as there are lots of options. In addition, it is also nice that you have travel blogs. Yay! Looking forward to more of your posts. :)

Nice article Heidi ... But as a recommendation .. keep ratio of Fiat n crypto equal .. due to volatility

This is awesome! Excellent info, thank you. 😀

Thanks for nice information sharing

Great resources, thanks Heidi!

Nice write up .i will definitely give it a try

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cool post , me and my team Blockfellas have just started a series on introducing people to crypto and how to get started. Maybe we could colabarate. anyway safe travels and keep up the good work.

thanks for your blog because nowdays it's not easy to find the good in the jungle market of bitcoin. upvote and share!

Followed for more, thanks @heiditravels

damn ! Where have you been all my life. why did I find this so late ! :(
Your posts are seriously educational for dodo birds like me ! Thank you!

Nice Information..Related BTC

great im going to invest

Thanks for this valuable post.

is holytransaction online wallet is safe to store our cryptos?

This is a great post for new crypto investors. Thank you for it :)

Thank you so much! Excellent publication as always, I did not know Buy Bitcoin Worldwide, thanks to that page I got to know a new place called CryptoBuyer to exchange crypto in my country, that I did not know completely. Great! Thank you so much!

good post.thanks for sharing this info.

I really want to get into it! This kind of information helps me making the right decisions. Thanks!

Wow this is exclusive I may as well try this out, it's a bit a difficult process but I will try this out thanks for the awesome tutorial

It just takes some getting used to, trust me when I say it gets easier :)

but most don't work with paypal. eg. virwox transfer ist first to linden dollars

Thanks for your post! I think posts like this are needed with all the new people coming into the crypto scene. I know for a LOT of them, the wallets will be hard to wrap their heads around. That site you linked is actually pretty legit for the beginners. Upvoted!

images (4).jpg

Paxful is an excellent way to purchase OTC Bitcoin. I know one of the site creators Artur, he is a pretty cool guy.. honest dude.. just a businessman. I would stay away from xcoins, or other scammy sites like that.. I have tried Local Bitcoins but was somewhat unimpressed with the UI.


@heiditravels everyone knows how to buy a bitcoin but what we lack is CASH to buy it......steem GAT ASS WHALES don't know what CASH SCARICITY MEANS...


hai, im from Indonesia, nice to meet you!!! please vote my post :'( please give me 1 vote just one please!!!