Crypto Tips Unplugged: The Dangers of Centralization

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Let's take a look at what's been happening with some of the popular centralized exchanges and how these issues are being addressed with decentralized exchanges.

I also address why this is something you need to take seriously and look further into preparing yourself to use decentralized exchanges.


If you want to learn more about decentralized exchanges, or if you want to familiarize yourself with some DEX options, check out these videos:

Reminder of Centralized exchanges and their shortcomings
Why Decentralized Exchanges are Important
Overview of the new DEXs
Komodo's BarterDEX

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Thanks for the info....:)...

Even decentralized exchanges - when you go from crypto to fiat - must use bank transfer (fiat from buyer to seller). What about fiat-crypto ATMs?

same in Germany - our major exchange ( hands out kyc data to police WITHOUT Warrant, signature of court

unfortunately there are few alternatives for German native speakers. You gotta be fluent in English. That is actually a sad thing for crypto worldwide adoption. #languagebarrier

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i think right now it is more about drug dealing

let see how hard "Hatespeech" (deutsch: Hassrede) is prosecuted in 2018/2019. Tendence: getting harder.

Probably there will be soon tax evasion issues. social welfare for migrants gotta be paid.

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happilly with have now the same tools they will use to attempt to censor us, aka AI to scan all their work, and see who are the most domestic enemies...

and if you had asset seizure of the media operative and their financial backers, it makes a big loot, at least worth pursuing....

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you also decentralize diversifying using several exchanges (regardless they are centralized or not); decentralized exchanges can be scams and existing ones are gaining thrust very slowly since they are of/from no-one and therefore if you do not do KYC you also cannot KnowYourServiceProviderExchange better than centralized ones, they core values and even if they are supporting opposite values to your owns. Baby steps, as in BTC each person/node owns his own truth until the big picture is betters understood and new choices can be done in your own trust/confidence alone.

i used few times and i was quite happy vs that felt like high on the fees

Good info... I like how you see it :) And it is true :)
If you do not have your own codes then you do not own your coins 100% , then there's always someone else who owns them.


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Der Markt wird das regeln.

Thanks for posting useful information.

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You are right centralisation isn't worth relying on

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Great video thanks for sharing! Keep up the good work!

I think people need to understand the disadvantages to centralization and with upcoming new technology how we can remove them for a better system.

So many coins are so totally centralized... they are total authoritarian dictatorship... and few seems aware of the risks.

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Yes, Decentralized Exchanges are the Future of Crypto Trading & they are coming in mainstream very very fast........
One new addition to this is Switcheo in Neo platform.....All the NEP5 tokens are traded there......worth checking it out

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I recently began using Bisq and I am impressed with it. Buying cryptocurrency with fiat currency is straightforward and selling for fiat is likely just as easy.

Interestingly another relatively new decentralised cryptocurrency trading option is OpenBazaar:

Probably a fair number of larger companies inside or outside the space will acquire decentralized exchanges (as is happening already). Worth thinking about exactly how you want to qualify or quantify decentralization.

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