August 1 coming, keep your Bitcoin safe!

in bitcoin •  last year

If you hold your Bitcoin's on Poloniex or Bittrex exchanges, or any other places where you cannot control your private keys I recommend you before August 1 Segwit date to 1) spend them for cheap altcoins in the very last day or days this month, or 2) send them to another wallet, where you have full control, as example:


If you have additional questions, tell us in comments.

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Yes i safe my bitcoins

  1. Bittrex is OK place to get new BCC after split
  2. JAXX is the one I would stay away. Ever heard of it's security issues ?

Hey! I am still trust Jaxx and never had any issues. This is my own opinion. Have a nice day!

Btw. I just came to your profile and upvoted your posts!