Decentralized gaming platform EOSJacks offers dividends.

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EOSJacks' dividends are the 4th highest in the blockchain industry.

Tough market times may be here, but blockchain technology has already attracted some of the most talented buidlers in the world. Blockchains like Ethereum, EOS, and STEEM continue to grow their decentralized app count and user base. In fact, these days the 24-hour volume in decentralized applications regularly crosses the $75 million. This means there truly are Crypto developments that have an actual revenue.

Some of them are now starting to give daily dividends.

Decentralized applications are disrupting their respective industries and this is leading to their growth. In fact, a new decentralized application on the EOS blockchain is creating a new gaming structure, one where there is no central corporation retaining the profits; instead, all the revenue is distributed back to the community and token holders.

EOSJacks is a suite of games under one platform, and EOSJacks has an extremely progress business model; thus, EOSJacks gives the 4th highest Crypto dividend in the entire blockchain industry, as reported by

For the first time, players can eat their cake and have it too.

For the Community

Nearly every interaction on EOSJacks allows users to mine JKR. Thus, all actions on the platform lead to some reward as the native token will be earned; everyone wins JKR just for playing. While this may be an innovative feature, the main factor fueling a community-centric development is that the JKR tokens can be staked to earn dividends from the platform.

Thus, playing the game accrues JKR, which can then be used to have a genuine stake in the platform. Thus, in the end, all the funds go back to JKR holders—community members. Due to this very reason, CryptoDividend reports that EOSJacks has one of the highest ROIs due to the dividend distribution.

Given that the entire platform is enabled via smart contracts, every interaction and payment is provable; the fairness of the games are also provable.

EOSJacks has made blockchain gaming simple and friendly to the average player. The key gap is having an EOS account, and in case you don’t have one, the team is giving away 100 EOS accounts for free! Just request one on the company’s bounty Telegram group:

Moore For the Community

Some of the revenue does not go towards dividends. However, even this revenue ends up back the community through games that can be played with JKR tokens. These games are accessible on the right side of the user interface.

  • EOSJacks has a built-in jackpot, which is similar to a FOMO game. JKR tokens allow players to buy keys that give access to the jackpot. The current jackpot is worth over 12,000 EOS. Despite the decline in EOS value, this is still a whale-sum.
  • An auction-style game (branded as Game of Thrones) is placed in form of a key battle. Once again, JKR tokens have to be used to buy keys; these keys allow users to bid on an amount of EOS. The person who bids the highest keys, without being overbid for 5 minutes, gets all the EOS in the auction. Yesterday's top auction prize was 2,000 EOS, winner used JKR tokens which are mined, as a free bonus, by just playing the game.

So, not only JKR tokens give users the ability to get some of the highest dividends in the blockchain industry, they also allow keys to a massive jackpot and constant EOS auction. Additionally, all key sales to auction are burned and half of the jackpot key sales are burned. Thus, there’s a constant burning of JKR tokens; the net amount of tokens that can claim dividends keeps on decreasing.

Mooore For the Community

Presently, as the jackpot has gotten whale-sized, EOSJacks development team has launched a new game called Miner Run. Players who are mining JKR by playing the Dice Game are given a miner run. If a person mines the most JKR for a consistent 60 minutes, he/she gets the Miner Run reward, and the game resets in 60 seconds.

Often, the team adds additional large lumps of EOS to the Miner Run; 500 EOS or above is a norm.

A Miner Run-style game is also available on the Poker table. In fact, there are two listings on this one, split into the ones who win the most and to the ones who play the most.

Moooore for the Community: First-ever Truly PvP Offering

EOSJacks is also pioneering the only truly PvP digital gaming environment. There's no house edge; players are the house!

The platform boasts a player-vs-player ladder race. The novel aspect, apart from the dynamic character movements, is that there is no house edge in this game. All rewards are distributed among the competing players on-the-spot at the end of each round; each game lasts only 1 minute.

The developers provide a trustless smart contract-enabled environment for the community. There’s nothing for them to be had in this, except a show of the testament to give to the community as actively as possible.

On the same note, it’s worth nothing that the game itself launched only recently but has swiftly evolved not only its game options but also the overall UI and UX.

Mooooore For the Community: $600,000 Bounty + Free STEEM + Free EOS Accounts

EOSJacks is not hosting any ICO as the developers have already created the platform. The only way to get JKR tokens is to mine them, buy them, or participate in this bounty. Get JKR and enjoy the dividends!

$600,000 Bounty: Get a share of $600,000 in JKR by joining the bounty; LINK:

Free EOS Account: You can get free EOS accounts, which would otherwise cost $7.5. Just join the bounty Telegram group and request an EOS account and you’ll get one for absolutely free. LINK: They'll ask you to join the bounty.

Free 4 STEEM: Resteem this post. Join the Telegram group: (LINK,) and request an EOS account. 2 STEEM for asking for account; 2 STEEM for getting it. Post here a screenshot of your free EOS account request and answer this question: EOSJacks gives high dividends; how high is its dividend distribution ranked? (answer is in this article!)

Given that JKR tokens give daily dividends, this is a rare $600,000 bounty opportunity. Of course, you could use them to play the games also, including getting keys to the thousands of EOS available in the jackpot.

Essential Links

EOSJacks Community Telegram:

Connect with me:
Telegram @HatuSSS and


Great overview, @hatu although noticing, the whole gambling environment on EOS passed by me somehow completely. One question: can i buy in their token on some exchange as well and then stake for dividends as well? Or do i need to play?

Yep, it's available on NewDEX; the EOS DEX.

You can stake purchased tokens too.

Excellent, thx for that info!

I've just upvoted your post!
just a micro support for a fellow steemian, I hope you'll appreciate it ;)

I do. Thank you :)

EOS legal to buy or mine if in U.S. now?, did they ever launch their platform? Last I looked it is illegal to invest in or mine them.

I believe participation in the ICO was barred.
JKR does not have an ICO.

I love the idea of gaming and the blockchain coming together..

I just imagine all those hours I spent crafting in RPG's that could have been earning real [insert name of credits here]

also said I'd shout out to @crypto.piotr who sent me this way..

The concept of playing being the fuel for mining is certainly a brilliant concept.

Have I done ROI analysis

Based on the tracker, it's 30% per month.

I absolutely love to see how resposive your are @darrenfj

This platform need more people like you. And thank you for mentioning my name :) I appreciate.

Yours, Piotr

I resteemed it and have a lot to read (up). It sounds promising. I wonder what a FOMO game is.

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Basically, a very large sum of Crypto builds up from the revenue.

The person who makes the last claim of it gets it all. Thus, users compete to have the last claim out of "fear of missing out" on the jackpot.

Gonna have to say I like the concept, but one thing is that its not very newbie friendly. You need scatter and all that to get started, which isn't hard to do, but can be confusing to someone new to this world, but it's secure so I appreciate it.

The EOS cpu requirements to play really really really suck. I have about $30 staked(thanks CPU emergency) to my account and am still like at 300% right now on usage. I know it's not them who's causing this problem, but it eats away at their business because I can't play the game. AAARRRGGGGHHHH. Maybe the EOS team can help on that. Remember the introductions of RCs? It's like that but 10x worse for me. On STEEM, even with just like $10 worth of STEEM powered up, at the present its more than enough to get by without hitting RC limits(provided that you aren't running a comment bot or something).

Also, I tried claiming my dividends yesterday but never got paid the EOS. It disappeared from the claim screen and the claim contract did go through but it never got paid. I don't know if I read it wrong or something, but it's just confusing. But the Jacks auto-staking is working. I'd staked 1 JACK and now am at 1.0166. Not much, but at least it's working.

The EOS CPU requirements can be a bit of a pain, but the conditions are going to improve as the blockchain evolves. The RC system allocates a fixed amount of usability but EOS usability limits are dynamic. As you said, it certainly could be a bit more newbie friendly.
As for the dividend, wow: you got a 1.6% return on the JKR in just 1 day. The EOS dividends should go fine today. By the way, since you are participating in the staking, join the bounty and you'll have more JKR to stake. :)

Hi @rishi556

Great comment buddy

On STEEM, even with just like $10 worth of STEEM powered up, at the present its more than enough to get by without hitting RC limits(provided that you aren't running a comment bot or something).

That is indeed very true. RC seem to be aiming mostly newbies. If you can power up 100$ or more then you will pretty much never run out of RC. At the same time if you're just starting your journey here then RC is becoming real nightmare.


No wonder blockchain like EOS, STEEM and ETHEREUM will reign the next-gen virtual world.
And for sure going to join the bounty program.

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Great way to interact and earn a few coins.


Thats a great post to grow more in EOS, Waiting to know more on it.

Sure, join this Telegram:, and requeat some guidance.

Answer: EOSJacks gives the 4th highest Crypto dividend.

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