Cloudbric Offers FREE Cyber Security for the Masses!

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The volume of assets-at-threat that are circulating on the internet is constantly increasing.

We live in a world that is increasingly cored around the internet. As our lives become more digitally twined, the value of cybercrime increases. Even the largest enterprises have witnessed the brunt of this; in fact, even technology-centric companies, like SONY and Yahoo!, have faced costly breaches.

As corporations are valuable targets for cybercrime participants, companies have invested billions of dollars to ensure their assets and the data of the customers is secured. This battle of attrition likely has no end but it’s a necessary fight as cybercrime is growing.

The problem at hand is that, unlike traditional forms of crime, cybercrime gives its participants a veil that can provide some degree of safety. Additionally, it gives people anywhere in the world the opportunity to target the citizens of wealthier nations. Cybercrime has escalated the value of crime and thus it attracts increasing interest.

While corporations make the headlines whenever they get hacked, the reality is that they have the funds necessary to defend themselves most of the time. Often, the cause of the breach is negligence on the part of some employees. Many corporations have the resources necessary to defend themselves against most cybercriminals.

The small businesses and everyday people are the real victims of cybercrime.

While most of the new projects focused on cybersecurity are working to develop cybersecurity solutions for enterprises, a new project leverages the blockchain to create a new-age of cyber security tools for both enterprises and everyday people.

Cyber Security for Everyone

Blockchain technology has played a major role in making valuable assets that have a digital existence. While this has been a boon for cybercriminals, Cloudbric aims to turn the blockchain into a weapon against cybercriminals.

Cloudbric’s key provision is the Cloudbric Labs, which provides the key tools needed to hold back cybersecurity. While the product comes with established tools, possibly its greatest offer is an existing and ever-expanding is a cyber threat database.

This publicly available information will serve as an impeccably valuable asset in the fight against cybercriminals because it provides the public and small businesses access to a resource that traditionally would be limited to enterprises only.

Moreover, Cloudbric is taking the proactive move to allow community developers to add utility with this database. Developers will have access to APIs, allowing them to leverage the database and develop applications for the masses. A database on its own is valuable, and applications that provide easy utility of the database is something that can serve a purpose to the public on a massive scale.

The key to the value offering of Cloudbric Labs is that it’s free.

In the past, up-to-date cyber threat databases and powerful applications that leveraged that data had been a limited resource for enterprises. However, the most common victims of cybercrime are largely under-served as the most effective tools had been too expensive for them. However, this is about to change.

Cloudbric is creating cybersecurity for the masses.

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@hatu sir, it's a great cybersecurity platform, it's free, it provides data transparency , also trust. Users these days becomes so confused to choose a best product for them among sea of products available.This provides all solutions onto one platform so that it will be easily managable.


Definitely, need a good cybersecurity product.
Glad to see such a project :)

At least there is someone that is providing cyber security to bitcoin user.don't you think other sites should also use it? @hatu


It does provide enterprise solutions so it'll definitely serve a purpose to cryptocurrency platforms.

Cloudbrick is doing a great job for the public,
Thank you so much sir for share ,


It certainly is.
You're welcome!

Hopefully with the presence of Cloudbric who is able to eradicate cyber criminals of course, this is certainly good news


Looking forward to its future developments.

Every internet user needs this I encourage others to vote this post because it's for the better of the whole world.


True, cybersecurity offers a vital use for anyone on the internet.


Thank you :)

great great

Cyber security is a very big issue in the field of technology.

I followed your Twitter account and found this easier than on steemit. I am new to the platform do am just learning how to navigate it. Great deal of information. I will be looking into this. Thanks.

How do you think @hatu what will happen next?

Cyber security is needed , everyone should be given the basic information about it.