Cloudbric Business Analysis (new Cybersecurity ICO)

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A vast amount of wealth and data circulates through the internet, and cybercriminals are on a constant pursuit to commit some form of theft on digital assets. Cybersecurity used to be important primarily for enterprises, but today it serves importance to everyone.

Cloudbric is a new project that leverages blockchain technology and artificial intelligence to create cybersecurity tools that delve from an ever-growing database of cyber threats.

Read on to learn about this project’s strengths.

Cloudbric Business Analysis


Cloudbric is a rare development in the blockchain sphere. The vast portion of blockchain projects are based entirely off an idea and are pursuing markets where they have limited reach.

Cloudbric, on the other hand, started as an in-house project by Penta Security Systems, which is one of the leading data security providers in South Korea. Cloudbric stems from the existing experience of industry leaders and thus not does it already offer a BETA version of its development, it benefits from the existing network of Penta Security Systems.

Cloudbric’s developments rely on a database that needs to be constantly updated, Penta’s existing network provides Cloudbric with not only enough starting data, but also constant updates to it. This is a unique competitive edge that other new cybersecurity projects lack. This competitive strength allows Cloudbric to advance its tools faster, settle valuable partnerships, and break business deals at a far greater ease than would be typically available to a new project, particularly from the blockchain sphere.


The advent of cryptocurrencies has created a large number of digital assets. Naturally, entrepreneurs interested in developments that target the Crypto market have ventured towards better cybersecurity products. Thus, competition for cybersecurity developments, from within the blockchain sphere, is rather high.

However, this is where Cloudbric’s strength comes into play.

Cybersecurity projects that leverage the blockchain lack the network that is available to Cloudbric. In fact, most of the cybersecurity-inclined blockchain projects that had concluded their ICOs months ago have still failed to reach any decent reach. Thus, Cloudbric would be able to penetrate market share with ease; the only downside is that funds would have to be dedicated to marketing as ICOs have allowed many others to build great marketing budgets.


Internet use is constantly growing, and so cyber threats will only become a greater cause for concern. Cloudbric is providing a solution that not only benefits large enterprises, but also small businesses and consumers. Very few products can provide a service to such a large audience. Cloudbric’s offering is one of the few examples in which a product can benefit nearly everyone.

Additionally, blockchain technology is still in its nascent stage. While the current amount of cryptocurrencies may seem overwhelming, the reality is that this figure will only continue to climb—especially with the nearing of widescale regulatory approval of security tokens. Thus, the importance of securitization of digital assets will only grow. Cloudbric is the product designed for such a purpose; it even has targeted solutions for cybersecurity for cryptocurrencies.

The potential for cybersecurity products is immense and its aggregate need is likely to grow by orders of magnitude once adoption of cryptocurrencies matures. Cloudbric is making the effort to offer a proactive solution to cyber threats on multiple threats; especially with regards to securing cryptocurrencies. Such a project is future-proof.

Wrap-Up: As the digital age furthers its impact on our lives, cybersecurity will become one of the most valuable assets of the future. Naturally, such a high-potential market has attracted interest from entrepreneurs. However, Cloudbric’s access to established resources gives it a strong competitive edge that may allow it to dominate the cybersecurity market.

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