Chain Gamer: Dominate the World of Ether. (+ ETH contest)

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Chain Gamer is a series of articles that explores the brilliant games being developing on the blockchain. Gaming is a massive market and, contrary to popular media, blockchain technology has a lot to offer to both gamers and game developers.

Card games are some of the most popular games across the world. Naturally, the internet era found a means to take these popular games into a digital format and it wasn’t long till online card games attracted an audience.

Card games are straight-forward but quite fun: players collect cards and battle against each other.

However, there’s one caveat. While players put in a lot of time, effort, and dedication into compiling a desirable collection of cards/collectibles, the cards remains the property of the game company. While the internet made it possible to convey data that a specific account possesses certain cards/collectibles, blockchain technology makes it possible for players to own the cards/collectibles. Thus, a private key is needed to access the assets that an account accrues.

World of Ether

Since many games already incorporate a digital currency, the Crypto market has actively captured the interest of gamers. The trend is only getting stronger.

A popular Ethereum game, World of Ether is a card game developed by the founders of the world’s largest blockchain meetup.. While blockchain-enabled games have focused primarily on the collection stage of a card game, World of Ether involves active battling. Rather than just collecting cards based on their aesthetic appeal, Etherians, which are mythical monsters with unique looks and exceptional powers, are sought for both their aesthetics and battling prowess.

The Ethereum blockchain is known for creating robust smart contracts but the end-user products are often severely lacking UI traits that people are adjusted to. World of Ether excels at making the game’s cards appealing to the users while making sure the lore is immersive and interactions are captivating.

The story revolves around the discovery of monsters in the mythical World of Ether. Acquiring the monsters and battling allows users to level up. There’s a bonus Easter egg: discovery of rare monsters, through breeding, allows users to win thousands of dollars!

An Introduction to Etherians

World of Ether is easy to access. Since it is built atop the Ethereum blockchain, users must use Metamask to engage with the game. The game page is

To start the game:

  1. Simply log in to your Metamask and click play now.
  2. On the next page, click explore.
  3. Then, pick your name and avatar, and then click continue; immediately, your Metamask window will pop-up and you’ll have to sign your name.

Playing the Game

The game revolves around collecting Etherians, battling, breeding, and trading your stack.
Etherians fall into the following classes: common, uncommon, rare, and legendary.

Naturally, the rarer breeds are more desirable.

Every player needs at least some Etherians. To acquire an Etherian, you can either ask a friend for one, buy an Etherian from the marketplace, or breed some. Breeding requires you to have 2 Etherians of the same type.

You can ask in Discord and maybe someone will help out, elsewise you can just buy 2 on the marketplace—the cost would be around a dollar for each.


Battles require users to possess at least 2 Etherians. Battles can be against other players or even bots; playing against bots is a good way to sharpen one’s skills and gain the expertise to beat other players. Battles make the game fun as, unlike a typical card game, Etherians can be collected to fight for victory.

Win to level up your Etherians! Etherians of high levels can fetch good money when sold on the marketplace.


The core trading happens on the marketplace.

At any given point, Etherians of all types are for sale and PvP trades happen on a daily basis. This is a good way to monetize one’s progress in the game.


Breeding brings a flavor of suspense to the game. The offspring you get from breeding depends on the parents and leveling up increases your chance of discovering the most sought after Etherians.

Etherians fall under the following types:

Only Etherians of the same type can be bred; rarer Etherians breed rarer offspring.

Discover the rare Etherians in this list through breeding to win large amounts of ETH. The game also includes frequent battle competitions and there is one starting tonight for 9 ETH to celebrate the holidays.

World of Ether is a good display of how blockchain technology can be used to enhance games. While card games have existed for a long time, World of Ether uses the blockchain to give users ownership of their collectibles while also providing a safe marketplace for their trade via smart contracts.

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Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas You got a 100% upvote!

Nice game.
But this kind of game is also risky.
Because some ETH card games suddenly shut down,
No resources of the company,
Your card becomes a bunch of numbers,
I don't know if no one can develop,
Join those closed ETH cards?
Because the company has fallen,
Game server is off,
But the ETH data for those cards is in the hands of the player.
Just useless.

It's one of the most active ETH games and its user base provides the game with enough cash flow to keep it from shutting down.

Is it any different than cryptokitties? Just a pump and dump

Cryptokitties was a pump and dump for sure. In World of Ether you actually battle and level up and progress in the game

CryptoKitties is pretty much a pump and dump to the cynical eye; however, if you ever wasted hours of your life playing Neopets as a kid, then you'll understand its appeal.

I have played several ETH card games.
Those cards are stored in my wallet is not wrong,
But the site is closed,
The ETH card in the wallet becomes a waste number,
It can no longer be used,
Also cannot transfer.
And even if the official has a huge cash flow,
It can also Short-selling assets with roll run.
So I think,
It is risky.
So I think,
They should,
Make the card more accountable,
Like as BTC of multiple books.

When any game shuts down, the assets in it disappear. With blockchain games, your assets continue on.

this is false

these blockchain collecting games are all the same,
hyperinflation kicks in from launch until little value is left then game site disappears

while the asset still exists after this it is worth 0

Signing up at once
Meanwhile have you heard about this tournament as well....its also ethereum based and you don't need to spend a dime. Just build and strategize. Its a strategy game and this is just their second tournament.
Crypto Wars - $2500 in Prizes

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What did you think of it? Honest opinion lol

I tried playing it and it’s pretty bad to honest lol steem monster is way better.

This sure sounds interesting. Feels a bit like pokemons, or did I got a wrong impression?

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Both core around mythical monsters.

Thank you! Will probably check it out! Is it possible to start playing for free or you have a mandatory purchase to start playing?

The game is free to access. However, pretty much all interactions require 2 monsters.

Join this Discord:
Perhaps, some one would provide you 2 Etherians. :)

Will give it a shot ;) Thanks!

Good luck on the contest!

It looks very similar to Steemmonsters and looks very interesting as well. Will give it a try. Thanks for the info

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This sounds interesting, getting paid to play videogames. lol

A dream come true for many.

Muy interesante, suena divertido.

Thank you, do we need to pay to start playing?

You just need MetaMask.

but you do need ether to pay transaction fees (gas), correct ?

Right, that is needed.
Valid point.

You said you can monetize your progress. Meaning I can earn money by playing the game?

Yes, the cards are sellable. As you level them up, their value appreciates.

Can i play this game in my smartphone

Yes you can using the Coinbase Wallet app from

Thanks for the info,never heard of this game before, il take a look. Can't wait untill there is hundreds of blockchain games :D

In the making. :)

looks like fun! mythical characters! is there a free demo?

sounds like fun. too bad I don't have system to play

It's playable on phone if you do not have a PC/laptop.

im sure people will love the contest

Battle contests are always fun. :)

If Cryptocurrency Games Rae Like Fortnite & Pubg Than?❗

In time.

This game looks interesting. Maybe we can have a try!

It certainly is.

@hatu Sir, feeling delighted after returning from a short break ,awesome post, ETH is best for developing games.Happy New Year 2019

happy holidays,

it seems a very interesting game.

Es un buen articulo, muchas cosas que señalas son ciertas. Saludos estimado amigo. Siempre pendiente de tus publiocaciones! Felices Fiestas!

Really interesting @hatu ... Let´s do it ...!!! pictures look familiar to me but I´m not sure, may be pokemons....!!! it doesn´t matter ... Let´s do it...¡¡¡

Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Gaming–Giant video game company Atari announced on Dec. 18 a partnership that would see the re-release of two popular games with updates that will utilize blockchain for their core coin

This could be great for the community.

i have yet to wean myself from card games. i guess my comfort zone is still being able to feel the cards.

Time to expand the horizons. ;)

eth rate down in this weak

looks interesting dude

Awesome article buddy! Upvoted and resteemed!

Appreciate the resteem.

Hi @hatu

I just decided to check out your profile and read some of your new publications but I noticed that you didn't blog in a while. Hope everything is okey and you just had a great new year party and still are recovering :)


Thank you very nice

Hello sir I am sandeepbudh I miss you but I am busy , "Happy New Year to you"

it's good if the ETH contest is something that will develop for now


the cards remains the property of the game company.

Are you referring to physical cards in a collectible card game? If so, can you explain why you conclude the card is the property of the publisher. And if I'm misunderstanding the sense in which you mean the card remains the property of someone else can you clarify? Thanks.

Online card games.

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You thought that etherium has more chances in future then BTC?

Sounds interesting! Anyone here joined on the round 2 trading competition of ONO? I want to join but i don't wanna lose again. Any tips?

It's amazingIMG_20181129_071229.png This sure sounds interesting. Feels a bit like pokemons