Are your STEEM coins Safe? Let's secure them together with Artificial Intelligence (Tomorrow).

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Technology. It has allowed us to greatly improve our lives.

Technology has allowed us to reach the moon, and soon may enable us to go beyond our solar system. It has allowed us to recover from the deadliest diseases, and from the worst natural disasters. It gives us our daily laughs, informs us of events, and lets us interact with distant friends.

The following video from Microsoft properly captures the impact of technology:

This video forgot one line, “technology. It has achieved so much thanks to the internet.”

The Internet

The advent of technology has been a pursuit taken by man for millennia. The advancements in technology have been parallel to our knowledge, and the internet has been a catalyst to expanding the knowledge we possess as a race.

The internet ushered an era of advancement unlike anything before. In just the past decade, the net knowledge we possess doubled, several times. It allows global access of information, making it possible for anyone to learn and pursue his or her dreams; this makes sure that every bit of talent on earth is given an opportunity to shine.

And this progress will keep getting better.
Technology builds into a positive feedback chain and newer advancements make sure that more people can access the internet. Smartphones are becoming cheap enough for almost anyone in the world to be on the internet. We could reach a point where every single person will be on this global network, purveying his or her knowledge to others, making sure the human race can move forward at an even more accelerated pace.

Creating Value Online

The internet has been one of the greatest developments. Naturally, such a resource allows the creation of great value. Most people spend hours on the web every day, and this explains why so many of the world’s major employers offer an online service.

As more businesses and people have placed themselves on the web, an incredible amount of data has started to flow through the internet. At any point, millions of people’s information is flowing through social media engines, browser’s advertisement algorithms, and, of course, government agencies’ monitors.

While the government maybe a nuisance in terms of privacy invasion, there are others on the web with far more sinister intentions. Since the internet has created so much value, there’s opportunity for theft. This time the theft is aimed at data as this is the asset that fuels technological advancement, business decisions, and even improved artificial intelligence.

The Era of Data Breaches

Much of the value created online was connected to all the data that was flowing through the technology companies. The cloud, in particular, made it possible to have huge amounts of data flow from one unit to another with ease. This convenience came at the cost of security and data breahes became a major issue.

Businesses faced serious problems from hackers trying to steal valuable data. Some of the biggest companies in the world, including Target and Yahoo!, faced data breaches in which hackers got access to tens of millions of people’s private and/or financial information. Businesses were a popular target, but hackers could decide to target anyone.

Celebrities had been hacked and then blackmailed else they’d face the release of private information and pictures, politicians had been hacked and faced blackmails, high network individuals were hacked and lost valuable, proprietary data on their businesses or financials. Everyday people were targeted and were often the easiest victims because they did not have the resources to properly protect themselves.

Cyber Security: An Emerging Market

Cyber security is a huge market and this is because both individuals and companies recognize the need to secure their information. There are multiple estimates that this market could cross $200 billion in the coming few years.

As the internet becomes the center of commerce, entertainment—life—the need to go about it securely becomes an increasingly important factor. Cyber security companies are reaping the benefits of this demand but their most prominent focus is to profit, not make people’s digital presence secure.

Centralized Entities are Problematic

Cyber security companies are centralized businesses that want to prioritize their market dominance over cyber security. They are a business.

In the words of Adam Smith, people are motivated by self-interest. The executives at security firms are focused on securing better profits before anything else; they just happen to be reaping them from cyber security.

Keep upgrading.

Most cyber security providers issue licenses that need to be upgraded. The reason for this is that cyber security toolkits and software are intentionally designed to be obsolete with time. This is a product structure that hones in the users on a constant basis.

Moreover, centralized entities hold threat data to themselves. Obviously, they spend so much money on acquiring it so why would they give away this information to their competitors.

Even if they did decide to work together, through rules of game theory, one of them would try to cheat and gain more benefit by attempting to siphon more benefits than would be providing to the other partners. Centralized cyber security firms simply cannot work.

There needs to be a better way of securing ourselves. Luckily, there is.

The Birth of the Blockchain

The blockchain provides many benefits, and one of the most important ones is decentralization. Who would be more interested at securing your internet presence than you? Unlike a company dedicated to profiting from your security, you are dedicated to making yourself secure with whatever efforts possible.

People, as a decentralized network, are the key to securing the internet.

Cloudbric is making this a reality.

A World of Decentralized Security

Cloudbric is cyber security provider that gives users free software to protect them from cybercrime.

While being free may seem the most attractive trait of Cloudbric, the full functionality of what Cloudbric aims to achieve is far more attractive. Cloudbric aims to put people at the heart of cyber security.

Cloudbric’s main security resource is VISION, a security system based on artificial intelligence. Like most AI systems, VISION relies on data—data is expensive and hard to get. However, Cloudbric does not need to buy this data because then the system won’t be free. It also won’t be that good.

Centralzied data entities trying to make tools against cyber threats already exist, and some of them even utilize AI tools. The results have been limited because acquiring data becomes expensive and these companies know that people have a limit on how much they are willing to pay for a security product. Every market player focuses on price competition and so they limit the amount of cyber threat data their AI can build off; they have no choice as otherwise they won’t be price-competitive.

You are Powering VISION

Cloudbric’s goal behind VISION is to make it the best tool by keeping it free. If a powerful security system is free, people are willing to use it, and that means a huge user base is easy to acquire.

This is where Cloudbric begins its journey.

VISION is meant to be powered by a massive network of nodes collecting cyber threat data. This is passively done by Cloudbric’s tools. A user has to simply use Cloudbric’s tools and then go about the internet as he or she would normally, except, the tools are designed to store and index any cyber threat they come across. This makes sure that VISION is constantly getting data on cyber threats and is updating its ability to fight against cybercrime.

VISION and Cloudbrics existing tools are already functional. People can utilize the beta tools through Cloudbric’s website.

The Incentive is More than Security

While it may seem that Cloudbric would feel providing people an AI security system that keeps becoming stronger and better is valuable enough, the ecosystem is designed to reward people with more than just security.

As people go about the internet and come across threats, they will be rewarded with CLB tokens. Thus, there is a constant incentive to prioritize security. Cloudbric rewards people to place their security first. This is why Cloudbric is based on the blockchain.

Through smart contracts, it becomes easy to automate the distribution of tokens at a rapid pace to the collecting threat data. Thus, Cloudbric isn’t using the blockchain just for the hyper factor. Blockchain technology plays an important role in sustaining the growth level Cloudbric needs to swiftly gain market dominance; blockchain plays a critical operational role in growth and ensure utmost efficiency in the innate rewards system built in the Cloudbric ecosystem.

Why Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is more than just robots that do whatever we want. Most artificial intelligence is a collection of algorithms fulfilling tasks within certain constraints. However, the effectiveness of how accurately these algorithms can fulfill their task is entirely dependent on how much data they’ve acquired.

*Algorithms learn through processing data. Links are made between data sets and this initiates a reactionary mechanism on which threats to nullify and which threats to dodge. The key behind cybersecurity is not what to block, but what not to block. It is easy to make a system that cam block everything, but it is extremely difficult to make a system that only blocks threats.

Through machine learning, VISION can eventually learn exactly what not to block. The nodes (people) can help improve VISION’s functionality by providing higher quality data. This can essentially be done by labeling off non-threats. With a massive network, VISION can eventually have an endless supply of data to recognize what is a threat and what isn’t.

As AI can constantly evolve, it is better than any static software.

The Makers of Cloudbric

Cloudbric started off as a project by Penta Security Systems Inc., a leading provider of cyber security systems. The company has a large roster of customers and its employees have a depth of experience in the cyber security industry.

Some of the most experienced employees from Penta are now creating Cloudbric to take cyber security on to a new path, one that can revolutionize cyber security forever. Given that Penta and its security tools are successful and are already drawing in a revenue, Cloudbric qualifies as a reverse-ICO. The project intends to utilize funds raised from the public not to build a product, but to extend the reach of its successful products.

Industry Recognition

Given that Cloudbric is playing a major role in securing the web, major Crypto funds, institutions, and exchanges are celebrating its development. In fact, they the likes of Tron Foundation and Huobi attended a yacht party that hosted a private fundraiser for Cloudbric. Meanwhile, the team has been hard at work to make valuable partnerships with CoinManager (leading Crypto wallet), Hacken (major cybersecurity firm), ZeroCap (strategic investor), and more.

Of course, Cloudbric is impacting the security industry too. It has already received major cyber security awards and certifications. The team behind Penta Security Systems is now venturing into securing the internet by partnering up with you, me, and everyone else.
Let's join in.

You can read more about Cloudbric here, learn more about its technicals on the whitepaper, and reach out to its team on Telegram.


That’s interesting

Thank you :)

I was a victim of a bitcoin hack this year, lost a lot of bitcoin. I've since changed how I use the internet. It's been quite the learning experience, so for everyone reading this. BE CAREFUL 🔒🔒🔒

I was the victim of a hack last year on poloniex because i didn't had 2FA turned on for a second. I bought a new phone so i had to migrate my google authenticator app from the old phone to the new. That's when i got hacked by an ethereum botnet. They stole about 10k dollar in ethereum (when it was still worth 40 dollar per coin) and left all my other coins alone. Exchanges can be dangerous!

I'm sorry to hear that, it is such a pain staking thing to live through. I lost 4.5 btc.

I am shocked the hack happened so swiftly!

It was very fast indeed but i was hacked by a botnet so the process of hacking goes automatically. I made the stupid mistake of using the same password for multiple things. Because i later found out that my email got hacked a few years earlier. That's probably how the botnet got my password.

You can see here if your email got hacked :

We all certainly need to be cautious. Cybersecurity needs magnitudes of improvement.

tokens/ coins won't matter once the robots take over and slaughter us all.

AI isn't necessarily the abomination of mankind.
It is already helping us in many ways, and could secure our wealth and help advance our medical facilities (even).

The internet will surely be one of the greatest technological achievements we look back at first and say "that's when it all started"!

But there's a dire need to make it more secure, especially for those who are the most recent members of the web.

I agree.

In general, internet security is multi-dimensional, in that it includes at least three layers:

  • the security and integrity of the technology or platform one is using,
  • the reliability and ethics of the platform vendor (i.e. their platform may be rock solid & secure from a purely technological point of view, but they may or may not be deploying the platform in a manner that respects the security of the user's data), and
  • the user's own online practices, be it in how they manage passwords, the extent to which they assume that nothing is private, their choices of operating system and applications, as well as the amount of research they do before trusting any platform with their data.

Out of the three, only the third is 100% in the user's control.

I feel the second point is another growing concern, and it will remain a key challenge to address that issue.

Do you think the Internet is new?

It's not.
But global internet penetration in developing nations is relatively new. You need to broaden your horizons and recognize the reality that billions of people still do not have access to the web, but will veru soon.

Yeah exactly but people are aware how to use correctly ... Whats your thinking

Given the volume of dollars lost through online scams, I'd disagree.

Given the volume
Of dollars lost through online
Scams, I'd disagree.

                 - hatu

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

no doubt increment is the priority for some and attract many but stability and security of jobs is on the top. increment is valuable only if we have jobs

Hi that´s a good question - I do not have any coins yet, so mine are secure for now :)

The goal is to keep all crypto/data safe--STEEM inclusive :)

this is the fear of crypto beginners, the security of hard-earned invested coins. I have that kind of fear too in the beginning but I learned how to keep mine secured and determine whether or not trading/investment is legit or not. been scammed too, and so thanks to this kind of posts to help us crypto enthusiast know more. read and learn more, that's the key!

As projects like Cloudbric make the web and people's data/assets more secure, we should see a parallel increase in willingness to hold decentralized currencies.

oh yeah? will check on this Cloudbric then!

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Opino lo mismo :)

You've made the Steemit Minute for today! Congrats!

Check out the Video Here:

@hatu - This is very good technology and marriage of Blockchain with AI for common goods with the help of common citizens. I love it. Would use when come out.

And with that, you'd also help make the web secure on an aggregate level.

Such a great article and hammers down the points in cybercrime. This is my fear too..

A fear mutually present in the Crypto community.

yes my account is secure :)

We can pursue security beyond this!

Technology has allowed us to reach the moon
Yep in late 2017 - it also allowed a few people to buy lambos aswell

I suppose there's more than one type of moon :D

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Thank you for handling it on my behalf.

Anytime! 🤗

Cyrptocurrency is becoming very popular now and has become a threat even to the US dollars. But, unfortunately, it leaves an impression to be unsafe due to the scams.

I came across an article that talked about cryptos that failed due to scam! And it's quite surprising to see the amount of loss! Too bad for the victims...

Sad to hear so, but it's an oddly common occurrence. A part of the pursuit of security would be to ensure that scammers' addresses are blacklisted.

hi @davidanderson

I didnt see you publishing anything in quite some time. Aren't you a "crypto believer" any more? Or perhaps you gaved up on steemit?


Perhaps he doesn't have enough RC (joke intended against HF20)

Thanks for your vision in Securing Steem Coins. Our hard-earned invested coins is now secured.

It's a team effort.

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Thank you for providing this!

internet security is the major fear of the fastest growing technology. however, it shouldn't be the reason to keep us from trying new things that technology has to offer, like Bitcoins for instance. of course, it is necessary to study well, read and research more before you get yourself engaged to this cryptocurrency. it is growing, we cannot deny the fact because many took risks, study, and continuously learning that's why our community grows. more of this post please so everybody will be more enlighten!

Well said!
Security concerns need to be tackled so people may have the peace of mind to pursue all that technology has to offer.

Yes, totally agree with you, man! Security = Peace of Mind

You know apart from using artificial intelligence we should also invest in cybersecurity.
And people should stop using windows pc when dealing with bitcoins i know their security has improved with the windows 10 but its still not safe to use when dealing with bitcoin.

People should have the freedom of choice to choose their preferred OS.
Hopefully, we can work together and use Cloudbric to make the web safer.

Great. Talking about technology. Technology has really help the world in many aspect that can't not be mentioned. Technology at home, at school, at office or at working place and many more to mentioned of. And day by day, we are grateful of technology but also when we are talking about technology, internet should not also be left out. Internet have really impact lives also.

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Internet's the primary catalyst behind this growth; we play a role in keeping it secure.

I honestly wonder about this since I started joining Steemit and be a crypto enthusiast. so thanks to you for helping me much enlightened. I've been into Bitcoins recently and so far enjoying everything that is goin' on. and we'll yeah, this topic really is one of the major concerns I still have at the moment. but so far I'm glad of being on it. :-)

Security is a major concern for everyone in the Crypto space.
Cloudbric aims to address this matter.

Yeah, right? Hope Cloudbric can help secure our hard-earned yet high-risk Crypto investment.

Cloudbric's initiative to create such a powerful cybersecurity ecosystem which can better itself every moment is really beautiful as theirs on the net have many tricks up their sleeve. The software is also rewarding which sounds really good. The software is free to use is something which I am still not able to digest. Sounds like an excellent project.

Well noted.

what is Microsoft?

Me parece estupendo tu articulo, con el internet hemos logrado mucho, pero así como avanzamos a una velocidad tan rápida, deberíamos también avanzar y preocuparnos en torno a nuestra seguridad, ya que la tecnología es un alma de doble filo, y en un futuro posible podría tener un giro drástico todo lo que conocemos.

You articulated the problem in a perfect response. We really do face a double-edged sword.
AI-powered solutions are the boon we seek.

hi. @hatu.
The subject is very interesting. If we refuse to see that the big corporations and transnationals are only interested in the business and not the security of all of us.

Exactly. Our security is our own business. No one has a greater stake in it than we ourselves!

Interesting and easy read @hatu

The most fascinating thing about technology is that we all do not know what's behind the corner. What's going to be discovered next? Where will technology bring humanity?

I only disagree with one part:

We could reach a point where every single person will be on this global network

I think we will reach opposite point. Where only very few will be part of this global network but majority of population will be excluded.

Just the way today such a huge population of people across the globe is excluded from recent technological and economical advancements.

Indeed cyber security is an emerging market. Sometimes Im wondering if it would not be more profitable to put more interest into learning about cyber security instead of being influencer. I can see demand for professionals growing very fast.

Great review buddy

I feel the internet penetration is rising at such a positive rate that only those who voluntarily do not want to be a part of the web would be excluded. But I'd love to hear more on your view; why do you think people will be excluded?

On a side note, cybersecurity would be the winner against being an influencer ANY day! It's in extreme demand and is a highly value-added service offering.

Hi @hatu

I think majority of population will be excluded from all this technology. But I may be wrong. Time will tell :)

Safe from everything but user error. Good luck solving that problem though.

We will all play a play in solving the problem.

I like the idea of offline storages

Even hot wallets could be secured if enough threat data is fed to VISION.

can you give me upvote to my post then i will do the same

If you never use your owner key, and keep it stored away safely. Then yes ones STEEM are perfectly safe.

It goes beyond securing the key.

Does it though?

You made an impressive investment in this post.
I haven’t seen this many votes or a reward this high. I am impressed.

Prevention is better than cure. So I read this article very carefully.✍️✍️✍️

Thanks for informative and useful post @hatu

Securing crypto is one of our top priority crypto holders! We should identify legit and safe wallets and exchanges!

Yes, that's the type of data that will allow VISION to prosper.

This is good news for all to keep all crypto/data safe. Great concept!

It certainly is!

Artificial intelligence is a best way to secure the anything so now onwards artificial intelligence everywhere and also I prefer used in also Bitcoin safety all the best to do steemit.

AI is undoubtedly one of the most important technologies of tomorrow.

can you give me upvote to my post then i will do the same

So what is the challenge in keeping one master password safe? I dont see the point using AI for this. (if it is not installed on my home Server or open source).

This is not about a single master password; it's about pursuing the security of the entire web. It also goes beyond hacking a wallet and encompasses security against scams.



can you give me upvote to my post then i will do the same

Please stop spamming.

can you give me upvote to my post then i will do the same
alright i will.

Behind Technology's success is the development of Internet . We have a key role to play in keeping it secure. Thanks for this project.

Proper assertion.
We have the opportunity to secure it.

Such a great article and hammers down the points in cybercrime. This is my fear too..

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A fear shared by many.
Looking forward to the AI solution.

Es muy molesto que un hacker te robe la cuenta y te quedes sin nada ):

Absolutely. Everyone would agree to this.

Wow what an article sir, probably the beginning of a new era. Excellent project to work on. You have focused on the solution to the primary and the most important problem not only for steem , neither only about cryptos but it can change the world of internet. on successful completion of this project it can be expected that the world of internet to be more secure, fair and a better place to deal with. The crypto field will gain lot more confidence and faith and institution and individuals will be dealing with ease and happiness in a completely risk free environment. What a great idea and in this article all your project summary has been put perfectly in a analytical way. I pray for a massive success for your thought. all the very best from the core of my heart to you and all the crypto believers. Thank you...

I admit it was my fear, to trust anything about the Internet. especially when personal information is being disclosed. however, I thought of no other way to explore more of what this Internet can bring in this generation. so now I am enjoying the liberty of promoting, investing, and earning over the internet. just being very, very careful with the transaction that I am doing. and thanks to this post, I learn more so I can protect and secure what I have. good job!!

That's a very positive attitude :)
Yes, the web can help many access a great deal of wealth and that's only more reason to secure it.

Thanks, @hatu! Agree! Let us find more ways of securing what we have and what more can we acquire over the web.

MD5 or Sha256? Which is better for encryption?

Each has its pros.

Thanks for sharing this information.

You're welcome.

Nice article dear.Thanks for sharing

Glad to hear so.

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my opinion is that we need more decentralization services

Yes, we can and should play a role in matters that affect us.

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I'd recommend GoFundMe. I don't have nearly enough SP to help you with this monumental challenge.

very grateful for your support ..and take into account my note.

You're welcome.

And the Crypto community as a whole.

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Very good post, it was very useful.

Glad to hear so!

can you give me upvote to my post then i will do the same

Very useful ! :) Thank you.

You're Welcome.

A very good article on required topic. World wide internet security is the real challenge.
An appreciateable work.

[email protected]

Thank you :)

Good idea. Thanks for this article.

Thank you for this information! Thanks for having our backs! Sincerely, Newbie.

So heart touching video :) :'(

I loved it too :)
Very memorable.

Good luck using coins in the future.. hehe

can you give me upvote to my post then i will do the same

Good job, excellent article.

I appreciate the support :)

Certainly is :)

Internet has progressed giving us lot of info. Companies also required cyber security.are still hackers not attacking @hatu ?
Hi @hatu i m in steemit for 3 month,still i m struggling to get single upvote from other.If you can help me,please read my post

very good your post nice

Thank you :)

Glad you liked it!

Artificial intelligence is a science and technology based on disciplines such as computer science, biology, psychology, linguistics, mathematics and engineering. A major impetus for artificial intelligence is the development of computer functions associated with human intelligence, such as reasoning, learning, and problem solving.

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As a IT student, I think the ways human created to secure his money or some Algorithmic crypt o currency techniques it is quite efficient but we have to look other side of the window because if someone is secure the ways of transaction placed then also on the the other side hacker or bad people who want to expose you........

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my bitcoin it's safe

Excellent article I learned today a lot about all these interesting topics that today are topics of debates in many areas of work and especially in this cybernetic era


En tan pocos años (relativamente) Internet se ha vuelto una herramienta necesaria hasta tal punto que millones de personas no sólo la usan para su tiempo LIBRE sino que también para la parte laboral y empresarial, luego llegó el famoso correo electrónico más conocido como "email". Pero este gran paso que ha conseguido la humanidad y que llama la atención de millones de personas es la tecnología Blockchain, ya que nos hace libres de la grandes organizaciones o Bancos que nos tenían controlados. Por fin llegó la "LIBERTAD ECONÓMICA".

Grandes pasos de "GIGANTE" que ha logrado el hombre en menos de un siglo.

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Thank you @gex231 :)

One of the best uses of the Internet will provide a prosperous future for itself

hello, I read your content I am new in this Bitcoin world but in these days I published an article about it and then I would be delighted if you saw it. I'm following you, kisses and hugs

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Cloudbric's VISION (pun intended) certainly is amazing!

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