[project anti-scam] Think will build a Bcash Propaganda Downvote Bot...

in bitcoin •  8 months ago

so everyone what shill & advertise that shitcoin with tag "bch" or "bitcoincash" will be downvoted incl. a trail. If we do that manual in a collective or automated it must be seen but one thing is clear that this scam must have an end.

It is a crime to scam noobs into Fakebitcoin!

Think cryptocommunity should stand up not that more people end in a total financial desaster with that crap. Bcash was from start setup as largest ponzi till date as other had not pumped as much out of thin air centralized.

Enough is enough - Supporters welcome :)

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it is really nice to see people in the community going out of their way to make the platform better.

i wish i had any kind of coding experience so i could help out :/


The most important is the community support on such project - hope I can count on your votes, thanks a lot :)


I also really sad to see the scaming is increasing day by day. But I am now satisfied when I see that you are also thinking about scaming like me.🙏

Great idea. Roger Ver and the Central bankers will be mad! Lol.


lol - he ripped so many dumb money from poor people.... enough is enough. Hope to can count on your support too :)


Without a doubt. Well done 👍


Thank you

yes this is a good idea
this will result in fraud.
I agree .


And it will hit always the poor - the ones what had no resources to research that all & know every detail of that scam.


yes, I often see accounts that create names that are similar to great people.
such as @jerybenfield @boster @ good-karma and others.
this can also make the wrong people send.
I am sure, if this bot is successful you create,
then all will be fair.
I strongly support your activities.

a very good program and I am very supportive. fraud must be abolished on this earth. I am a newcomer and newly introduced myself.
Thanks you so much for post @hastla

This is a very interesting program and should be supported, a program like this will make the platform the better future. Indeed the question will continue to appear as growing users and investors, but something that inhibits the development of this platform must take decisions quickly and accurately. Garbage must be disposed of as soon as possible lest littering this platform.


Yeah enough is enough with that clowns there - it will hit always the poor in the game & when trim it down it is a totally centralized Ponzi. Thanks for your support in step in! :)

I agree with your project, I am very supportive.
hopefully fore no more fraud. good job

ha ha ha ,,, I just saw your account photo.
that's a very nice panda.


I follow you.

Very good project, I am very supportive.
I hope that there are still many people like you who are trying to make the platform better.

I strongly support the project that you create, we must eliminate cheating in this world.

You do have my support buddy !

Nice initiative taken buddy !

deception is not good and nature is very reprehensible. I wonder why people should cheat? it is a disease in life that must be destroyed. I really agree with your program. I'm the first person to raise my hand
Thanks @hastla

that guy was going crazy all over i am gonnna put my bitcoin lol

Its a very good initive and i personally want to support it. Hope i knew any bit of programming i would had loved to help.. However its nice to see people think out of the box in a community...

I really agree with what you say @hastla

I agree with you, I'm on your side! I hate these scams!!!

I wish to find out more people like you who are trying to make steemit a better platform. Its an nice initiative hope we succeed some day.... What we can do for now is pray.

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what you say is true, i like yours ..
I agree with what you say.

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Very good idea,Resteem this post. I think everyone will like it.

great post

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