RE: CME Futures Traders Seem Bearish about the Bitcoin Price Curve for the Next Few Months

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CME Futures Traders Seem Bearish about the Bitcoin Price Curve for the Next Few Months

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If understanding correctly, Arawak repository is yours?

Here's our suggestion for a next article:
What is the relative size of bitcoin volume on Coinbase vs the now short-history volumes on CME and CBOE? Think it would be VERY interesting to see if the futures (5 bitcoins per future x future volume ) volumes are gaining market share on the OTHER exchanges which allow large institutions to take custody of cryptos on behalf of their customers.

If you want help collaborating on a spreadsheet, aka gathering some daily data, we can offer SOME assistance.

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Yours is a very encouraging response and thanks a lot @harpooninvestor. Yes, is my website, recently converted from a 100% focus on the stock market to what is now a virtually 100% focus on the cryptos.

However, people visiting my site now get little indication of what is my niche — deep data mining and producing innovative statistics and analyses based on same. You do get a glimpse of this by going to my analysis of the August 2015 flash crash ( .

As time goes on my website will fill up with this kind of work, which will make it rather unique in the space. Your suggestion is very interesting as it ties in with my area of strength — deep data mining related programming work.

However, keeping in mind that the futures trading is going to be done only by Big Boys, we should expect big volumes there only when those with ability to print infinite amounts of fiat money (as well as absorb a paper loss of any size) start using the futures to try to manage the price of bitcoin. I'm sure you have read all about this expectation.

I am indeed seeking collaboration, so thanks. I will help with generating daily data; but I wish to say now that I would expect you to deal with publishing those data at your site (or posts), since that is not part of my niche.

I will use daily and intraday data to occasionally paint some broad picture that involves linking different variables and then writing an article about the messages in that picture. Most often, there would be a free version of the article at my website and a paid one at my e-commerce website. I may release two-paragraph summaries at Steemit (which is all we should try because stuff at Steemit gets lost so fast).


I forgot! Where should we exchange notes, data, etc., privately before you decide what you want to take public. ? I already have a "server" there. Let me know if you would like us to use it. I have set up one channel for smart tokens, and we could set up a new one for futures-related stuff.

Stuff in the channel can be seen by others; but there is a connected "DM" (Direct Message) route where stuff is indeed private, **and** there is a line where we can talk using VOIP! 

So check it out and let me know if you think that will work for the collaboration.

Is a crypto site, or pre-crypto?

i gotta spend some time reading up on your web links above. will come back tomorrow. was created as a collection of sets of chat channels (each set is called a "server", and I have a server named Smart_Token, and I have not yet made any special channels inside it) to serve gaming communities! It has been so succesfsul that the owners have extended its reach to all kinds of communities.

It is free to join. When you do, visit the SteemitBC "server" to see a fleshed-out set of channels, one of which is crypto-trading, and another is crypto-taxation.

Stuff submitted to a channel can be seen by the public; but there ius a DM (Direct Message) service where private messaging happens.

Steemit set up a service; but Discord is much more powerful. It even allows voice chatting.