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Here is NEO from its genesis. This was posted the other week but needs to be made clear: This CUP & HANDLE Pattern is like the "Midas" Pattern. It's complete as prices had a BREAKOUT from the Handle Pattern and placed what looks to be a five wave impulse. Now a correction comes before the rise resumes. SO, what to do during this correction? LADDER IN and ACCUMULATE MORE! Buy the dips!

Here is a potential ladder for NEO:


Looking good, still with you...

You have seemed to be bullish on all coins you have talked about recently. You are obviously expecting an upswing, but I still feel if bitcoin crashes (as you have predicted) it will pull all others down with it. This is why I asked you to revert to analysing alt/ btc pairs instead of alt/ dollar pairs as this gives a better picture.

Yes, if Bitcoin crashes, it'll pull all coins down. However, my primary count is this: The A (red) is done and we now heading up to B (red) whic will give new all time highs. Then crash to C (red) towards $2,500 or so. Then Wave V up to about $7,000. However, these are subject to change give how the price data comes in.

Great analysis up voted - seems like the count is B in early Nov when BTC is around $6,000 and when NEO reach $120 or so? thx

Yes, i will start putting in quick charts for /BTC; you will see many /usd and /btc charts have same labels.

Many thanks. We discussed this before and we agree that the btc/ alt pairs are more useful than the dollar/ Alt pairs Alt pairs

I am banking on NEO working with the Chinese government! Wow, picture that. China has been called out how many times for currency manipulation, stock manipulation, GDP manipulation, etc.
If you believe for one minute China will not pick a crypto to back and make profits from, then you will be missing out.
I got my piece of NEO and am speculating it growing quite a bit. GAS looks to be a great investment as well over the next year or so.

China has their own version of Google, Facebook, ebay, etc... they don't like outsiders coming in and setting up shop. NEO has been working with the Chinese govt since day one. I believe they will be China's only legal blockchain. The announcement may come at the end of October.

I gues it is the chart begining when Neo started to be traded on Bitfinex. It has much longer history. Its all time high is close to 50$

Thank, you are correct.

You should look in to BNB. I may be wrong but I do see a large cup and handle formation over a long period. May be you can confirm it. Might beat its all time high.

BNB is forming a rounding bottom. It would be a cup and handle once the handle if formed. However, the rouding bottom doesn't always form the handle. It could either form a second rounding bottom or break out.

@haejin, please make a wave count on ELIXIR, it looks very challenging. I don't know if we are now in the 5th wave extended, and if we are where it's the target. Thanks!

Love your work @haejin will be senxing

Informative post about cryptocurrency. I am alway excited to hearing bitcoin news. Thanks @haejin

I wish you MASSIVE profits!

Thanks for the analysis @haejin I've been watching NEO intently recently and hope your prediction comes true, I'm sure we will see the answer in a couple of days time after the announcement!

neo headed to 1k by may!

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