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As you've noticed, I post about 20 blogs per day, each containing an analysis of a crypto coin requested by a reader or follower. It takes time and effort and I'm excited to continue!

However, I still have less than 500 followers and hope to grow it to over a thousand!

If each follower can consider giving more upvotes and re steem to spread the visibility of my profitable and helpful blogs, I'd be grateful!!!

Thanks in Advance,


Hey haejin,
Thanks for sharing

dude, i checked your page and your comments and I see you always comment with the same message: Hey insert name here, thanks for sharing. Please note first of all that this is considered spam and not adding any value to this post or the platform in general. Second it is just embarrassing you upvote more on your post than the 36 votes combined here. Why didnt you feel the need to reward the original posters with a proper upvote?

more beer coming too when I get in on the next big one. I value your work.

Thanks! RIPPLE? LTC? ETC? My skins are in these now.

Ripple is the one!

Keep it up. I'll keep upvoting you. Can you also please do an analysis of Vertcoin?

Also....have you taken a look at ? Not sure but looks somewhat legit to get a larger following much faster, and you can use SteemDollars to pay. Just a thought.

Will always upvote! Going to be promoting you in a post soon! I don't have much influence yet, but every bit helps! I will thank you thousands of times for your hard work and good will in sharing!

Always! I have noticed your payout is growing, so that's awesome. You may consider posting some general crypto news analysis also. I notice some of those posters are getting upwards of $250 for a post....that's nuts to just repost images, data, and then give an opinion.

upvoted. keep up the good work.

Many of our followers add us then ignore our posts. Its a fake popularity contest 😛

I will resteem you from time to time to my nearly 1,8 k follwers.
Good work what you are doing.

I hope you best your work is absolutely incredible but your earning from them is low in general.

Not so much earnings I want but greater visibility.

Bought Adex @1.50 going down. Do I need to hold or sell ? Please advise

Hi Loneranger, Here is an update on adex i just posted. Whether to hold/sell/buy more; the decision must be self made.

Hey, I tried to send you a Bitcoin "tip" and it timed out after 48 hours - from Exodus wallet. I will try again with higher fees. I wanted to give back something for all of your great T/A. I've also been tweeting your reports to my Twitter followers.

Thank you so much for great work. I will upvote and re-steem all I can.

hey haijin. Take a look at my TA as well. You contacted me last week

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I follow about 20 cryptos fairly closely and resteem everything you post on these. Haejin, I was looking at the Decred chart, and I am wondering whether there might be a second head and shoulders pattern forming after the first one that failed. I was considering buying back in as I like the coin, but I thought I would wait for that to play out first.

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