FREE TECHNICAL ANALYSIS OF YOUR CRYPTOS!! Evidence of solid analysis is in my blogs.

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My followers are growing at around 20 to 50 per day and since end of June, I've achieved level 54. These don't happen by posting bad analysis!

I invite you to review my analysis as >95% postings are in response to analysis requests from readers and followers. Yes, I provide FREE Technical Analyiss of cryptocurrencies using Elliott Wave counts and Chart Pattern Recognition. I'm at your service so that perhaps my analysis can augment your due diligence.

Check out my Bitcoin Big Picture analysis as well as the very profitable calls I've made. Please feel free to leave your analysis requests in the comments and I'll most likely deliver a same day report.

I only ask that you consider an upvote, follow and a resteem. It would help me to spread the word on my service as my aim is only to help and do no harm. I have over 15 years of TA experience and many have already benefitted from my analysis....I'm confident that you can as well.

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New follower here, looks like some interesting content you are posting. What's your take on ETH right now?

Not crpyto related but I wanna see your take on the price of silver

Lunyr please, thank youu

Here is the analysis for LUNYR, please use only to augment your due diligence.

Wow, it feels like just 2 months ago I was perusing your posts with 20 other people....oh wait..what's that? It was just 2 months ago?? That's testament to your thoughtful, kind, generous, and well exercised mind Mr @Haejin! And you wanted 1k by end of the year.....I know myself and several others I've spoken to on here really appreciate everything, and work hard to spread your blog around. Everyone help everyone make more everything!

@haejin, I can't thank you enough with ALL your spot on TA's and chart analysis. Ever since I started following you, I've been profiting in crypto trading. That's why I make sure to send 🍻 beer $ your way every time I cashes out. Once again, thank you very much to all good TA's and chart analysis!!

Thank you!

Congrats and yes you make good technical analysis... I hope to see you soon winning 2 300$ per post and having thousands of followers

I really want to thank you for your activity here on Steemit @haejin!
May I please ask for some thoughts about Bitcoin Cash?

Here is the update for BCH, please use only to augment your due diligence.

Can you please do an analysis on ZRX?

Here is the analysis for ZRX, please use only to augment your due diligence.

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Thoughts on Bitquence
What about ico from today- Enigma


Thank you for all your analyses, haejin!

Can you please do an analysis of MTL?

Here is the analysis for MTL, please use only to augment your due diligence.

Upvote resteemed

Would you please consider doing one for PPT?

Hi echung321, PPT is clearly channeling within the two black horizontal lines. Excitement will happen only if prices can exceed the upper black horizontal line or the resistance.

Thank you so much!

Can I ask, have you ever seen such a sharp increase in price on 9/10 for just a few minutes with such low volume? What could this spike be caused by?

Attempts at manipulation.

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