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Could you pls make a BTS and Nexus update?

This is one of your best videos ever made. An expanded flat would the bulls and the bears hard. Big pain if this happens...

Will do. Yes, i agree. The market will find a way to give a face ripping pain to both unsuspecting bulls and bears. That's what TA is essential.

Neo is the popular coin for now. So it is receiving all the attention thus the sentiment.
Waves are representation of collective sentiment.

Exactly! Since NEO is receiving most sentiment, it's also leading the pattern pathway.

Bitcoin analysis seems more "bearish" than previous posts? While you aren't ruling out a run to $5, seem to infer it more likely will top out closer to $4,400 before bottoming down I read that correctly?

Not necessarily. I give expanded flat ($5,300 or so) and $4400 or so about equal weight for now. IF NEO, which has bee leading the price pathway as well as ZEC, show a different count, I can perhaps declare bottom is in....SO, let's see what happens.

As I type, NEO is busting out of it's bullish flag:

Let's just see how the Redpulse ICO goes.
People are buying NEO to fund that ICO right now. Let's see if the price holds after the ICO or if it turns bearish.

Very interesting. Elliott Wave analysis states that a news or an event shall arrive to justify the forecast and not the reverse.

Zec seems to be forming a beautiful cup!

Can you explain this further ? Which ICO do mean ? Can you only buy into ICO with NEO ?
It is a token being issued on the NEO platform. NEO is like Ethereum. Red Pulse is a token being issued which works on the NEO platform, much like the Ethereum virtual machine.

There is another token sale for NEO I was reading today. There are more being planned right now.

Thanks @pccourtnier ! I will check out the ICO

Am I correct in thinking that In both your projections for BTC we end up back at sub $3000 suggesting wave IV bottom still isn't in ?

Invalidation at $2972 for btc

neo to 50$ at the end of this year

haej. UBQ when u get the chance. thanks bruv

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