Bitcoin (BTC): A Primary & Alternate Count

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On BitcoinLive; daily Crypto updates are made available while also, on demand analysis requests are fast filled. Join us as we have now opened up monthly and quarterly subscriptions. Use this link: Below is an excerpt of a recent Bitcoin (BTC) cycle analysis.

Top ALTERNATE COUNT: There is a potential for a nested 1,2 where the yellow 1,2 waves are the subwaves of white 3. These are subordinate to the white 1,2. There could also be another smaller degree of trend 1,2 for the subwaves of yellow 3. This type of nested events can generate a stair step ascent in price.

What about the primary count? To learn more, visit my Crypto Analysis at BitcoinLive

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inş dediğiniz gibi çıkar

We shall go up...all the way up!

Yes up we go, NOT

patience is key...

your yellow 2 went below the origin of yellow wave 1, last time i checked EW guys like you call it wave failure :)

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Do you know how to analyze it?

Very good post

Hello @haejin, post is really good. Last bitcoin price was very much up/down during last two week. Chart is as below -

But Altcoin Constantly going down. Ethereum Chart is as below-

Would you please explain what's the future Altcoin.

We saw this quite often during last Fall where BTC would rise and the Alts fall temporarily. As we know, the Alts easily caught up and some. I believe the same scenario could be occuring nowa days.

Many are back near Dec lows.

Yes, for the Altcoins. Last Fall we saw simlar activities where BTC rose but Alts fell...but they caught up.

My primary call for BTC is for a potential test of the $5,200 or so by Sept.

You're not the only one calling for a test lower. Ever since we lost 7300 I tend to agree, although 6920-ish seems ripe for a bounce.

Great to see you posting some crypo TA after a while. Upvoted and resteemed!

Thanks so much for this analysis. Everyday I am overwhelmed by your wisdom and how to talk about cryptocurencies

I really hope you're right! Although I wouldn't mind prices being down for a another month or two. I buy more BTC with every paycheck!

Hi @haejin, I hope that soon the Altcoin price will increase, it is true that there is a disparity with the increase in Bitcoin, but it may revert by the end of the year.

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I believe for Cryptos, the key is to be long term greedy. Now is not the time to be taking selling actions but rather time to be taking buying the dip actions.

Dr. Maizo, as you can see, there is yet another flag war and my SP is needed for that so upvotes to your site is temporarily delayed. There had been a truce but was broken with impunity by the trolls.

@kabir88 had started a string of downvotes and @lyndsaybowes upvoted his spam comments that filled my blogs. Then @fulltimegeek started his bot downvotes. @kabir88 fabricated false evidence angainst an analyst colleague of mine using a criminal with a similar name. It's amazing to see what lengths these trolls will go to falsely frame an innocent person.

You are a good person @haejin, you are free to act in the best way, we are all confident that the great steemit whales can act on rational criteria. You always have my support and that of many of my friends. Greetings.