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RE: Bitcoin Cash - Why I think it's going to $1500+ / BCC Mining Support @ 48% of total HashPower!

in #bitcoin7 years ago (edited)

This doesn't make sense. The bitcoin network had 6400 PH/s before the fork. 5800 PH/s can't have poped out overnight?!?
EDIT : The hashrate displayed is probably calculated on maybe 1 or 2 days, so the pre-fork hashrate is double counted. The actual hashrate of BCC is more likely a few % of that of BTC.


I thought difficulty recalculates in 12 hours due to sudden change (at least with BCC), that would mean a substantial change in difficulty which hasn't happened yet? What gives?

Also, people like me who were mining altcoins instead of BTC but switched back for BCC could be one cause for addition.

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