When bottom: The break even price for the majority of miners

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Unless the pending #ETF decitions in september don't catalyse a demand for crypto, we will continue to see btc and altcoins to dip. The #bottom is predicted to be the mining price.

Based on the data released by #F2pool, the S9 will stop being profitable at $4,421 and Dragons will stop being profitable $3,891.

For #ETH the 580s will stop at $130 and 570 at $128

For #LTC the L3+ will be $34.

At this point many miners will break even and turn off machines. The network will respond with a difficulty adjustment incentivicing the remaining miners to stay on the network by mining more coins with the same hashrate. This is the point of equilibrium where the price will not decrease past due to the ease to mine during this period.

Since I don't pay electricity for my GPUs (Office with electricity included in rent) I am preparing my dragons to be submerged in #mineral #oil allowing me to overclock them to 20 TH/s and save on electricity costs by shutting off all the fans.

"Those who mine through the dip accumulate more coins than those who mine during bullish seasons. In crypto, everything is counter intuitive."

Protect the network at all costs my friends. Stay calm and keep mining.

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