TENX Cards not being issued

in bitcoin •  last year

I registered for a TenX Card 6 weeks ago, paying the $15 fee etc and loading some Btc into my account. I have heard nothing from them since then until yesterday when I received the following e-mail:


I'm not really sure what to do now as I've spent the btc but have no card! They are not even issuing virtual cards which was why I initially signed up.

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Yes, this is a huge problem in europe. But @vimukthi informed me that they focus on SEA, where their debit cards are accepted and there are no problems like in europe.

Maybe they are able to settle their dspute with visa, but I doubt it. It seems like a planned attack on crypto. They are in fear about their business model it seems.


Possibly. Visa may be under pressure from Govts as it will make it much easier to cash out of crypto without paying taxes due. I'm just a bit annoyed as I applied for a card 5 weeks ago and even if the stated new solution comes off, it will be weeks before I see any new card. Thanks for the vote.

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