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RE: HACKED! p2p Bitcoin Exchange Hacked This Morning!

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I spoke directly with Sergey the CEO of Xcoins, he is a strategic partner of mine. The site is back up now, anyone that was affected by this will be reimbursed. When you login in there is a new section under the total called Refunds. Your comprimised BTC will show in this space. It should take until aproxx end of business on 12/21/2016 to review and settle all affected accounts. No personal information was compromised.



Let me put this bluntly.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XCOINS IS A FUCKING SCAM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is probably one of the quickest ways in the world to get your Paypal account closed and frozen. Oh Yes, Paypal will hold your funds for 180 days, not a thing you can do about.

Acting as a currency exchange with paypal is ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN!!!

PAYPAL: Acceptable Use Policy for Money Service Businesses, PayPal may not be used to operate a currency exchange, bureau de change or check cashing business including the sale of bitcoin."

You will get quick sales, then a slew of chargebacks will land upon you like a fucking tidal wave. At which point you will just eat it. You can't dispute it with paypal because you can't tell them you were selling Bitcoin as they just close your account. Also Paypal will in 100 percent of cases side with the buyer.


I know, tried it for a small amount, paypal account closed, still have 8k sitting in Paypal Jail till March..


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