Rusia Lanza Plataforma Blockchain Para Sustituir Pagos Con Switf - [2022-06-03 Rhc73J]

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¿Es una buena decisión comprar SOL en mínimos de 10 meses y un 85% por debajo de su máximo?: Yashu Gola

El precio de SOL todavía enfrenta vientos en contra por su correlación de Bitcoin, los riesgos macro y los tiempos de inactividad de Solana. La cotización de Solana (SOL) cayó el 3 de junio, con lo que sus pérdidas netas en papel se redujeron al 85% siete m…

Dogecoin (DOGE) Co-Creator Says Web3 Has Zero Value, Warns NFTs Are a Way To Get New Suckers Into Crypto: Report: Daily Hodl Staff

The co-creator of Dogecoin (DOGE) is reportedly dismissing the importance of Web 3.0 and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). According to a new report by the Sydney Morning Herald, Palmer says that Web 3.0, a newer decentralized version of the internet, is a solution…

Rusia lanza plataforma blockchain para sustituir pagos con SWITF: Redacción

Rostec, empresa estatal rusa, presentó una nueva blockchain que permitirá a los rusos realizar pagos transfronterizos y usar monedas digitales. Leer más

Αυτοκτονία γυμναστή: Στην αντεπίθεση περνάει η γυναίκα που ο ίδιος κατηγορούσε στο τελευταίο μήνυμά του: Αθηνα Σκορδιαλου

Στην αντεπίθεση περνάει μέσω του δικηγόρου της η γυναίκα που ο 50χρονος γυμναστής κατηγορεί στο τελευταίο του μήνυμα ότι τον εξαπάτησε, παίρνοντάς του σχεδόν 500.000 ευρώ. Μέσω του δικηγόρου της αναφέρει πως δεν υπήρχε δανεισμός χρημάτων αλλά αντιθέτως ο γυμν…

Bored Ape Yacht Club and Otherside Metaverse Discord servers reportedly hacked | #socialmedia | #cybersecurity | #infosecurity | #hacker: NCS News-Feed

The Bored Ape Yacht Club was reportedly hacked, again, by a phishing scam that allowed thieves to steal more than a quarter million dollars worth of NFTs, a mon

Crypto scams conned thousands of people out of over $1 billion since 2021, the most of any type of currency, according to new FTC report: [email protected] (Sarah Al-Arshani)

About half of the more than 46,000 people who reported being the victim of a scam said it began with an ad, post, or message on social media.

Is Solana a 'buy' with SOL price at 10-month lows and down 85% from its peak?: Cointelegraph By Yashu Gola

SOL price shed another 60% as it continues to follow Bitcoin as well as Solana's repeated network downtimes.

CBDCs Will ‘Kill’ Crypto, Reserve Bank of India Governor Says: Jet Encila

Reserve Bank of India Deputy Governor T. Rabi Sankar says with complete confidence that digital bank assets or CBDCs will ultimately pull the plug on cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others. So, is this seriously the end of the line for crypto?…

Hodlers a largo plazo de Bitcoin comienzan la 'distribución' que precedió a los precios mínimos de BTC: William Suberg

Los objetivos de precios bajistas de BTC siguen aumentando en medio de preocupaciones sobre la "distribución" de monedas por parte de los holders a largo plazo. Bitcoin (BTC) permaneció encajado en un rango estrecho el 4 de junio, mientras que persistieron …

Tezos: Is there a shorting opportunity on the cards as XTZ fails to defend $2 support: Akashnath S

Disclaimer: The information presented does not constitute financial, investment, trading, or other types of advice and is solely the opinion of the writer. Tezos has been bearish on higher timeframes, and the crypto asset has lost 60% of its value on the char…

Better Bitcoin Stock: Riot Blockchain vs. Marathon Digital Holdings: [email protected] (Leo Sun)

Both Bitcoin miners remain volatile investments.

Cardano Records 369% Year-to-Date Increase in Daily On-Chain Transfer Volumes: U.Today

Cardano saw rise in on-chain volumes of up to 369% year-to-date against backdrop of other blockchains

Arthur Hayes Says Ethereum (ETH) Could Reach $10K Level By The End Of Year: Saeed Hassan

Arthur Hayes, the youngest crypto billionaire of American Africa and the former CEO and co-founder of the derivatives platform BitMEX, predicted Ethereum could hit $10,000 by the end of 2022. Notably, Hayes once speculated a downtrend in Ethereum’s price in a…

FTC Report Says Victims Of Crypto Scams Have Lost Over $1 Billion Since 2021: Okoya David Kio

Internet fraud is nothing new, but it appears to have found new life in the crypto space. A new report from the Federal Trade Commission revealed that at least 46000 people had lost money to crypto scammers since 2021. On Friday, the FTC reported that over $1…

Ethereum’s Groundbreaking Merge Is Finally Around The Corner — ETH Due For An Explosive Move: Aliyu Pokima

Ethereum 2.0 is becoming a reality with the Merge on Ropsten scheduled for June 8th. Amid the buzz, the experts share their thoughts

Eyes on New York Governor Kathy Hochul After State Lawmakers Pass Moratorium on Proof-of-Work Crypto Mining: Daily Hodl Staff

A bill that would create a moratorium on proof-of-work crypto mining has been approved by the New York State Senate and is now on its way to Governor Kathy Hochul’s desk to be potentially signed into law. The legislation would enact a two-year pause on mining…

Bitcoin long-term hodlers begin 'distribution' which preceded BTC price bottoms: Cointelegraph By William Suberg

The bearish BTC price targets keep mounting amid concerns over "distribution" of coins by long-term holders.

Bitcoin Mining Might Be Banned in New York, Here's Why: U.Today

State of New York gets one step closer to restricting proof-of-work mining technology

Bitcoin [BTC] holders should know this before exiting their position: Aashna Dunwani

With Bitcoin [BTC] rising above the $30K level at the beginning of June, HODLers may see this as a time to rejoice. However, at press time, BTC was trading below the $30K level and stood at $29,648 down by 2.6% in the last 24 hours. BTC slipping below the $30…

El Senado de Nueva York aprueba moratoria para nuevos permisos de minería de Bitcoin: Nicholas Pongratz

La cámara alta de la legislatura estatal de Nueva York aprobó un proyecto de ley que prohíbe nuevos permisos de minería de Bitcoin por un período de dos años. El proyecto de ley aprobado por el Senado del estado de Nueva York, con una votación de 36 a 27, hab…

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