The most expensive pizza

in bitcoin •  3 months ago

Often find articles and notes about the cost bitcoin and in most people doubt that bitkoyn can rise in price. This does not mean that the assessment of the crypto-currency market is objective, for this there are very few qualified specialists in the world, but more about the demand for support of amateurs who have invested their money in the crypto currency, following the fashion and mass information from the Internet rather than on sober calculation. Few people remember that the first time as a means of payment bitcooney paid for two pizza, paid 10,000 bitokonov, it was by far the most expensive purchase of food in the history of mankind, at least on other similar facts I do not know. At the end of last year, the cost of bitcoins reached $ 20,000, now it fluctuates around $ 8,000. But let's remember the essence of the decentralization and independence of the crypto currency from the state levers of power, no one will support the bitkoy rate, it keeps it by its own necessity and unique properties as a means of payment, and according to objective forecasts of specialists it will cost many times more and there are objective reasons for this , the capitalization of the crypto currency is still in its infancy, even with its growing popularity, we will wait and see.

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eating pizza is awesome makes your mood fresh : )