My Scary EOS Dice Story...

in bitcoin •  2 months ago

For those of you've not heard about the game EOS Dice then I advise you play with caution. There are smart ways to gamble and that applies only if you set your limits and try to give yourself the best advantage when possible. For those that have never played the game before, you can sum up the game to where you simply make a bet that the number rolled will be lower than the number you select out of 100. If it is under that number, you win! For example, I can bet 5 EOS and slide the bar to "50". If the dice rolls anything from 1-49, I win. But, if it rolls 50-100, I lose. Simple, quick and addictive.

So I started off playing with only 1.7 EOS to mess around with. At the time, the minimum bet was 0.25 EOS. I was able to work that amount all the way to over 280 EOS in less than a day! Well, the state of euphoria and me thinking this could go on forever started to kick in and the next day I proceeded to play losing all of the EOS after playing a consistent betting structure that led me to the 280 EOS increase.

I then decided that I would gamble with the remaining unstaked EOS I had at the time (about 75 EOS) and proceeded to lose that faster than I lost my 280 EOS I previously gained. I worked my BET tokens up to 600 BET and was left with only my staked EOS I told myself I'd never touch...but I did.

I unstaked 225EOS and waited 3 days to come in. My plan was to just get everything I lost back and quit. I decided that I would do a bet of 75 EOS and then if I lost, I would bet my last 150 EOS. Here is what happened...

I placed my bet that the dice would roll under 50. My heart was racing with a bet of 75EOS on the line. The roll seemed to take forever. I was literally praying that I would win so I could cash out and stop. Unfortunately, I rolled a 50 and lost 75EOS. I was then down 150EOS after only planning to gamble 1.7EOS worth.

I only had one more roll left. The bet was 150EOS that it would once again be under 50. This was the most nervous I've been in quite some time. I waited for the dice to land me a number and THANKFULLY it was a 24! I won my EOS back!!

The excitement of the up and down was fun but it was terrible having to risk more than I wanted. I struggled with self control and I could have continued to lose everything if the dice didn't go my way.

Please set your limits and ONLY plan to bet what you can afford to lose. I have since staked my EOS and wont be playing anymore personally. If you decide you'd like to gamble a little bit then please use my referral link to give you a bonus to help even your odds when playing.
The link gives you a 0.5% bonus on all bets so save it!!!

Please gamble responsibly!

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