My life at a fraction of the cost: Thought 2 - Non-Disclosure & the right to know.

in #bitcoin6 years ago (edited)

What can and cannot the people in power say to us? Are they held under nondisclosure agreements, agreements such that they cannot talk about certain things in detail? Do they sometimes slip-up, or, if we are so lucky, on purpose tell the public, in general “codified” terms, what is really going on?

It’s up to us to read between the lines to figure out what’s really going on. Because you can bet your bottom dollar that such agreements are in place, and they are limited to what they can or cannot reveal to us.

Before, when I would hear politicians say “it is the biggest wealth transfer in history,” I used to think they’re just telling me what I already knew – the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer, what else is new?

Today and with the emergence of the new economy, I’m not taking that to mean the same thing. I hear it differently now. Instead I hear them say, with deep concern, right in front of our faces, that they are losing power to the masses.

The masses being the people who are fed up with the current system.

The creation of the Bitcoin protocol was the start of a paradigm shift. It’s a tsunami that cannot be stopped. A point of no return. And why would we want it to?

If the people who hold the most wealth will not share with us then, fuck’em. We will create our own economic system. A better more fair system. One that decentralizes power.

The current economic system requires us to work like slaves. For 65 years, some more. Then what? You wake up old and tired and ready to die. And for what? A ponzi scheme that we call social security that won’t even have enough funds for us.

Fuck that. The jig is up. There is more than life than this.

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