Crypto-Travel #1: Hungarian Bitcoin Community and Bitcoin ATM in Budapest (Video)

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Dear Steemians :)

Today I want to share with you my first English video. I am a German blogger and normally I will publish my posts only in German but I decided to share my stories with the English speaking audience as well. In future, I will publish all my content on my English blog as well. You will find it here:

So let's start with my first "Crypto-Travel" series. In "Crypto-Travel" topic I will publish things about traveling with cryptocurrencies and how to do it. My first post and video are about Hungary because I am now in Budapest. I write this post from Budapest International Airport on my way to Cyprus.

Yesterday my girlfriend & I went to a famous Club & Bar in Budapest. Its name is "Anker Klub". You will find it at Anker Köz near Deák Ferenc tér Metro station.

Bildschirmfoto 2017-09-18 um 21.43.26.png

Anker Klub


At the entrance of Anker Klub you can find some signs that Bitcoin is accepted here and that you can find a Bitcoin ATM inside as well.


Inside is a nice ambiance and a lot of young people sitting around.



At the Bitcoin ATM are a lot of people who want to change their Fiat money against Bitcoin :)



The fees:

To Buy Bitcoin about 5%
To Sell Bitcoin about 6,9%

So I would not sell my Bitcoins here because the fees are too high. If you have some Hungarian Forint left you can change them into Bitcoin at the ATM. I think a fee of 5% is okay if you leaving Hungary.

In the end, we paid our bill in Bitcoin. We had to pay high fees for it but we wanted to test it :) We hope, that Anker Klub will start accepting Litecoin or Dash as well.

Bildschirmfoto 2017-09-19 um 16.32.21.png


Watch our video about our crypto experience in Budapest:

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Sorry for the long timeout, I had some health problems, but now I'm back to cure your posts.😉

Congratulations, your post was chosen from among the best work to be upvoted on Steemit Community Quality Support . Thanks for sharing!

Post very nice, interesting to find the atm bitcoin! I know that there are some in Italy but so far I have not found them, because they are all in big cities.

Upvoted and shared with my followers. Might be the traffic with you ;-)


Hehe vielen lieben Dank für die Unterstützung :)

That is fantastic to see!
So many places around the world now are accepting crypto. Also its nice to see the atm's as well, I believe that is how many normal people will get into this!

Das ist fantastisch zu sehen!
So viele Orte auf der ganzen Welt jetzt akzeptieren crypto. Auch seine schön zu sehen, die ATM's auch, ich glaube, das ist, wie viele normale Menschen werden in diesem!


Jap, die Welt entwicklet sich immer mehr :) Schön das es Dir gefällt :)

Eine sehr coole Aktion, hoffe sowas wird es immer mehr geben.

nice journey

This is really cool. I would love to go see that city. I want to thank you for taking us along, and a bar with a bitcoin atm awesome.. Have a wonderful and safe journey, and take lots of photos for those of us dreamers. Also great job on the video. Thanks resteemed and upvoted

cool :)

What an adventure :-) I think it is a great sign, having more and more stores, bars, etc. accept crypto... have a safe trip to Cypris, Cheers from Germany - Viele Grüße aus den Sieben Bergen

nice sharing. thanks

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@goodbyematrix got you a $4.57 @minnowbooster upgoat, nice! (Image:

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That's where it is! There are more atms coming to Budapest soon. I know some guys there into this stuff.