iConsumer Adds Bitcoin As a Payment Option

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iConsumer Adds Bitcoin As Payment Option

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Get Bitcoin + 100 iConsumer Shares after first purchase via iConsumer: https://www.iconsumer.com/cYgpyNf

Online shopping site iConsumer has added Bitcoin as its primary payout option for shopping online. This change has been made effective 12/23/2017, and marks a major shift for the platform. It now offers an easy way for online shoppers accumulate the popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

iConsumer is also reportedly looking into creating their own ICO, and will be sharing additional information in the near future. We will post updates as we find out more.

iConsumer shares are listed under the ticker symbol RWRDP.

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Here's the Shareholder letter from the iConsumer CEO, which includes more detail about their transition to Bitcoin Payouts: