Did you take your 40% profit on Emercoin today?

in bitcoin •  2 months ago

I did...

Emercoin was down for a few days below $0.9, so it had to go up. (Buy low, Sell high...)

@Goldmine2018 already 24 days prediction.

As I stated for almost a month now:
9-11-2018 (yes today 9-11), BTC could drop back to $ 6200, and after this follow almost the same pattern up.
See my previous posts.

The current BTC value is $6225 at this moment. Predicted $6200.

Around December 17th it will reach his highest value, but this time we could end up higher than last year around $ 22800.

September 09-01-2018 $6100 - $7480.
October 10-01-2018 $6350 - $7800.
November 11-01-2018 $6600 - $8125.
December 12-01-2018 $6850 - $8450.
January 01-01-2019 $7100 - $19100

So what will happen next. Yes nobody knows!

But if we take a look at the numbers (for the record, this are real numbers based on a current trading exchange).

Coin Buying Index (CBI) and Volume Buy Index (VBI) are going up and Volume Sell Index (VSI) is going down. So BTC will probably follow the uptrend like before.

If BTC follows the same pattern, it could rise in October 2018 to $7000. As stated the lowest value would be around
$ 6350, just because BTC is still following the linear approach since September 2017.

Other coins to watch beside the standard coins (BTC, BCH, DGB, DOGE, EOS, DASH etc):







Nice trading...

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