Can Bitcoin Mining be done without Device or Investment?

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Bitcoin and subcool mining has come to the agenda again with the increase in Bitcoin prices these days. A lot of our okuru "Can I do without mining investments or taking any device? Can I do Bitcoin mining with my computer? Are free Bitcoin mining possible? ". From the beginning, our answer to this question is "Yes". But it is necessary to see this practice as an experience and experience, not as a means of making money.
In this article we will talk about the Minergate site, which allows you to mining without investing in your home or workplace computer .

This site is out of Bitcoin; Minecipters of subcoins like Bytecoin, Monero and Dash are also being made. This information can be seen in the calculator section of the site, Ethereum, which is the most profitable coin on the site as of the date of preparation.

Minergate offers two major mining services to its users. The first is mining by downloading mining software, the other is mining through your browser without downloading any software. These services are completely free and you do not need to invest to start mining.

The first feature of Minergate is that you will be able to mining through your computing power with software that you will download according to your operating system. Mining software suitable for Windows, MAC, Ubuntu and Fedora operating systems. You need to register to download the software, afterwards you can easily download and install the program from the Downloads link on the main page. Then open the software you need to do and choose which coin you want to dig. The software will start to produce coin immediately and will continue to work as long as you do not turn it off.

The second mining form of the site is the Web Mining feature, which can be used without downloading any programs via the browser . To use Web Mining, you can start the mining of the desired Coin by clicking on the Web Mining section of the main page. The image below is taken from the Web Mining section, here is what you need to do is just click the start button. Winning crypto money will appear instantly on your account.


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