Bitcon price Analysis ETF delay & @nitin not delaying the rally $8670 next target in bitcoin & oltcoin

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As bitcoin sustains a summer price surge and institutions continue to explore cryptocurrency investment E D & F Man Capital Markets facilitated the CME EFT bitcoin transaction while itBit had two institutional traders The price of the world’s first and largest cryptocurrency spiked over $600 in the early trading hours of wednesday (UTC) to hit a high of $8,343 (Bitfinex), a figure unseen since trading levels on JUL 20 .On July 24, the price of BTC surpassed a major resistance level at $8,000, reaching $8,300 within a matter of hours. The daily peak of bitcoin was established at $8,363, but the dominant cryptocurrency has fallen to $8,160 since then..The majority of analysts in the cryptocurrency sector have attributed the recent short-term rally of bitcoin from $7,700 to $8,67Bitcoin-chart-stock-760x400.jpg0 to growing speculation around the possibility of a bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) being approved by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

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Wow Great news for crypto lovers..
like me we are waiting for this bull run...


thanks sir