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Madness? I am not sure if that’s the right word one should be using. It’s awareness.

People are getting find out about Cryptocurrencies and how you can get rich within no time. Greed rides, they put money into it to make a quick buck, creates demand, attracts Whales and you get to notice madness.

That’s pretty much it, nothing more nothing short.

I am not sure if you are concerned about the future of Cryptos or just one of those who are waiting anxiously to get to see their friends doomed and say the golden words;

“Told ya! Don’t invest in these damn bitcoins”.

I remember when I first told my father that I would be investing in Bitcoin. He curiously inquired about it and I gave a nice long speech (he’s not a tech guy). And in the end he gave me a worrisome look (probably saw Armageddon) saying;

So, you want to invest in something that does not exist, nobody owns it or controls it. I thought you had a degree in Finance?

Well, needless to say I invested and he saw that madness all the way. Now he has a very nice App that notify about the ups and downs. With every spike, he would say, may be you wanna sell it this time? And I say;

It’s just another opportunity.

People just don’t realize the importance of Cryptos. We are travelers of the 21st century and some of our peers still has to suffer unemployment, hunger and blah blah. Why?

Hundreds of factors, and one small contribution is centralization and circulation of money.

I can’t wait for 27+ TRILLION dollars in tied-up capital for days. I can’t wait for SWIFT to tie up 5 TRILLION dollars daily for another 4–5 days. I can't wait for monopolists to say a final goodbye.

And Black Economy? Don’t even talk about it.

Imagine all this put into Economy, money into circulation and transactions being instant. Delicious !

I know you are worried about the recent news coming out of China. After all it’s hard earned money. But hey ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓

My friend! It has just started to begun.

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