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Sadly Cliff High is pushing Pumping up of ICO's and not giving good advice. In my opinion he is a scam artist. He charges a large fee a month for a news letter on cryptos and pumps them. Maybe he really believes in the ones he pushes but he lies and says he has a computer program that using algorithms can predict what will pop. He has no such program! He calls it the web bot and I repeat it doesn't even exist. He also says aliens are here on earth especially Antarctica. I would find it entertaining if he wasn't selling people a expensive monthly news letter for almost a hundred dollars a month. Be careful taking advice from anyone who claims to have a magic computer that tells the future. Harmless predictions is one thing. Taking people's money is another!


Evidence to back up your claims..?

He admitted him self it's Magic a while back on video. The technology for what he claims it does doesn't exist. So it's magic or fake. It's bs! He charges $100 a month cause after 8 years of being wrong charging $5 or $10 he finally switched topics to cryptos and knew enough about tech to be right sometimes and he's still wrong mostly but he's able to temporarily find suckers who pay $100 a month. It's pathetic how he takes advantage of dumb people

Do you have evidence his tech doesn’t exist?


I already explained the problems. Please read all my comments

You’re making accusations without providing evidence to back it up.

I’d bet that his reference to the tech being “magic” is not what you’re interpreting it as.

If you can’t provide evidence, you’re merely sharing opinions that are bordering on slander/defamation.

It’s a free market, and he’s offering a service people are freely paying for. Anybody that thinks they’re going to receive 100% accurate forecasts is a moron. Even if his software does what it claims, there are obvious flaws with its potential to guess accurately.

And if it’s his creation, he is under no obligation to anyone to reveal his proprietary technology.

we clearly disagree. I respectfully offer you good luck my friend! I am not going to stop speaking out warning about people like Cliff. I respect you and look forward to discussing other topics with you that we have common ground on. Have a good weekend friend

There is literally no webbot

Interesting he has refused offers of people paying him large $$$ to show his computer webbot but nope he's refused. If you just watch his older videos you'll see he's wrong 97% of the time . he could guess better odds but he goes for extremes so he can brag the 1 outta 100 times he's close to being right!